How to make the Touch Bar (really) useful


what is going on guys so the touch bar

is an incredible feature on the latest

MacBook Pros but it’s not really that

useful if you don’t really know how to

make it useful so in this video I’m

gonna be trying to show you how to make

the touch bar on your macbook really

useful before I start telling you the

tips and the traits for your touch bar I

just wanted to let you know that I’ve

made two videos on how to make really

useful I made that how to make the Apple

watch really useful and I also made the

how to make the earpods to read the

useful so if you guys haven’t checked

out those videos

what’s this video and then click on the

links down in the description but for

now let’s start on how to make the touch

bar really useful most people don’t

really know that you can actually

customize what appears on your touch

part it’s really easy simply go to

settings keyboard and then click on

customize control strip and then you

will be able to customize those four

different icons let’s say you want to

customize the whole touch by though well

it’s really easy as well simply tap on

the arrow and that will allow you to

customize the whole entire touch bar so

let’s say you want to add something you

simply drag it on to the touch bar and

it’s that simple a tip that I’m actually

gonna give you is I find it kind of

annoying that Siri is placed on the top

right because whenever I’m accessing for

example touch ID or remember I’m simply

using the keyboard

I always keep pressing searing on the

touch bar I’m gonna tell you two things

if you don’t really use Siri remove it

from the touch bar as I showed you

simply remove it from the customizing

controls that I just told you about but

if you do use it but you often press

Siri by accident while you can simply

move it to the left that’s one thing

that I recently did and it will it’s

just amazing because I always kept

pressing and now I don’t press it in

it’s good stuff I just saved your life

you’re welcome you see people think that

you have to press exactly on the Escape

key to actually make it work but that’s

not it at all if you actually press a

little bit on the left or a little bit

on the right it will work either way so

let’s say how can this be useful well

let’s say for example I know this is not

the touch bar but let’s say you’re

typing and you think that you have to

press exactly on the Escape key

so you’re typing fast and you just want

to press the Escape key well I just want

to let you guys know that if you

actually press over here on the touch

bar just a little bit more

it should actually work so the test

partner plays the function keys because

not a lot of people really use the

function keys but if you’re one of those

people and you actually use the function

keys once in a while it’s really simple

to access them simply press the FN

button on your keyboard hold it and then

you will see that the function keys are

right there now the trick that I’m about

to tell you basically deserves a like on

this video so I’ll wait drop a like in

this video no wait

okay you like the video okay let me tell

you people think then in order to turn

your brain s down of your computer you

have to tap on the brightness icon and

then swipe but that’s not it at all if

you actually swipe directly from that

icon it will turn up or turn down the

brightness and the same goes for the

volume you don’t have to press and hold

and swipe you basically simply swipe and

double check the volume up and down for

those of you who didn’t know this you

you guys are probably like I’m stupid

definitely my favorite feature on the

touch bar is probably one that is not

really the most useful feature in the

world but it’s probably the coolest

feature from the Tusk burn and you will

probably understand it’s the emojis

whenever you go on messages you will be

able to see that emoji I kind of be

press on that icon you will see the

entire emojis right on your touch bar I

just love it and I just love showing it

to people I’m like look what my computer

can do and yours can’t I always feel

really cool showing good touch bar

maybe I’m just mean let me know the

comments down below if you guys have a

touch behind you guys can relate to this

I just love that emojis on the touch bar

I love swiping through it

sometimes when I’m born in class i just

opened the iMessage tap on the emojis

and I just it’s this is probably just me

so the test board doesn’t only work for

apple’s apps that’s a photoshop for

example photoshop and a fitting designer

is one of those apps that I use

constantly for graphic design I just

want to let you guys know that you can

actually customize that punch bar for

that specific app for example Photoshop

if you go on window and then customize

touch bar you will be a little

customized Photoshop controls on the

touch bar so I can change the color I

can put the razor – I can put whatever I

want on that touch bar so you can

customize it to whatever you want

another great feature on the test bar is

scrolling on videos for example on

YouTube let’s say you want to access


two minute three out of a five-minute

video while I can simply put my finger

and scroll through the video it just

works really really well and it’s

actually really really precise you can

do the same thing with iTunes and you

can scroll to the exact second that you

want from that song and you won’t be

able to see that icon which represents

the program that you’re actually in with

the noun playing it’s awesome like it’s

one of those things that I just like it

to do it better on the touch bar rather

than on the trackpad

it just works really well and as I said

it’s really precise another thing that

the touch board does exceptionally well

is editing photos on the Photos app for

example if you wanna straighten an image

it’s really really awesome it’s really

great to straighten an image straight

from the taskbar you can also put more

brightness less brightness you can

scroll through the images straight from

the touch bar I know you can do the

exact same thing on the trackpad but

it’s way much more fun and way much more

intuitive and responsive to do it on the

touch bar another tip that I’m gonna

give you is bookmark your favorite

websites on Safari because that will

allow you whenever you want to open a

new website all your favorite websites

all the websites that you have

bookmarked will be right there on the

touch bar so you basically scroll and

tap and pick your favorite website right

go I’m really useful and definitely

really underrated feature on the touch

bar is quick type because whenever

you’re typing a message for example the

touch part will recommend use certain

words to finish off the sentence and a

really useful way that I actually use it

is sometimes I don’t really know how to

spell a certain word because of course

I’m not American my English is still not

perfect I’m getting there but whatever I

don’t really know how to type a word I

basically start typing it and the

taskbar will let me know how to spell

that actual work so the tough part

there’s so many different ways they can

actually use it that’s pretty much it

for other tips and tricks that I wanted

to show you so is the test for necessary

no it’s kind of like the appellants do

you need do you technically meet the

Apple watch I’ve loved the Apple watch

it’s my favorite device I couldn’t live

without it but technically I could I’ve

gotten so used to living with my Apple

watch every single moment of my day that

it’s like I can’t live without it and

that’s kind of the same thing that has

happened with the taskbar if somebody

removed the taskbar from me I guess I

would be fine but I use it so much with

these tiny little features that make the


really worth it for me but now I want to

hear your thoughts what are your

thoughts on the touch bar let me know

the comments down below you guys think

it’s a gimmick do you guys think it’s

useful do you guys think it’s stupid

let me know so yeah that’s pretty much

it I’m gonna grab my macbook with my

touch bar and I’m gonna leave so goodbye

make sure to download colonel links into

the description the best app in the

world then yeah yeah see this new kernel

is everywhere not


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