Things You Should Do First When You Get a New Mac


hey Jason I want to share with you the

top five things you should do with a new

Mac now this is not for power users so

if you’re an expert man you can go onto

something else but this is for your

average user who maybe you’ve got a new

Mac you haven’t had one in a long time

or you’re upgrading an old one or your

Windows user who just started using the

Mac these five things are gonna help you

a couple of them are really essential

and a couple of would just save you some

trouble so let’s get started number one

natural scrolling now this is a thing

for Windows users mostly if you were

using an old Mac this might throw you

off as well so here’s the thing for a

number of years now Apple has encouraged

us to use natural scrolling because they

believe the way you’ve been using your

mouse before has been unnatural so they

want to make sure that people like you

adjust to the natural way of using the

mouse or the trackpad and really this is

all about the iPhone and the iPad ever

since then we’ve been using what’s

called a natural scrolling method where

you put your finger on the page and the

page moves up and you can notice in the

little demo video in the System

Preferences it just shows you yeah you

drag the page down you drag the page up

that’s not how it works in Windows this

now it works on old Macs all old

operating systems on the Mac so this

might throw you off a little bit so if

it’s just driving you completely nuts

you can go to the I’ll show you how I

got there the trackpad settings or the

mouse settings and the mouse settings

it’s right at the top and you can turn

it off okay you can also do it in the

trackpad settings by clicking right here

and turning it off I recommend you try

to get used to it it took me a few days

my brain can completely adjust it now it

just makes total sense and I’m like wow

of course this is how we should be using

our trackpad and mouse so I think this

was a smart play by Apple but a little

frustrating if you’re not aware aware of

how to turn it off number two set up

your hot corners man since hot corners

were introduced on the Mac OS years ago

I I have just it’s one of my favorite

features and but I still find that

people aren’t used to them or don’t use

them or not aware and they’ll come up to

my computer and do something and all the

sudden windows will fly everywhere

they’re like oh what happened those are

hot corners in action these are

shortcuts that can make your life easier

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so very quickly let me show you how to

set them up if you can’t find hot

corners and the system preferences just

go to search and type

corners boom there it is all right so

the desktop and screen saver

modular preference pane comes up and you

just click down in the bottom right hand

corner hot corners now if you can just

look here here’s the list of things that

you can do with hot corners stuff that

you can make happen when you go to a

certain corner and just once example the

Start screen saver is a great one I put

that in my upper left so that my screen

so that my computer will lock when I

walk away I have it set to lock up the

screen lock up the computer after about

5 seconds when I active activate the

screen saver so slided right up here my

mouse in the corner screensaver kicks on

I walk away when I come back my

computers locked I don’t have to worry

about it

so I think this is a great feature

everybody should be using this there’s a

lot of things you can do with it and by

the way if you want to use a a modifier

key with this in other words I don’t

like my dashboard to just come on when I

slide my mouse to the bottom left

because I accidentally go down there all

the time for some reason so I like to

hold down the control button with that

so if you want to set it that way

when you click this menu just hold down

the button that you want to use as a

modifier so you say ok this will not

activate the dashboard unless I’m

holding down the control key as well ok

so when I slide my mouse down there it’s

going to have to be I’m gonna have to

have the control key held down while

that’s happening so those are the hot

corners love them you should be used

them using them and if you’re a new user

check it out get used to it it’ll make

your life so much easier

number next 3 go to agile bits calm and

install one password I am still amazed

at the number of people I run into who

have very simple easily hackable

passwords for their online logins there

is no reason for that but people are

doing it so you need a password app that

can help you generate passwords and save

them ok one password is great software I

use it on my Mac my iPad my iPhone and

basically when you open up one password

it’s going to require one password that

locks down all the rest of your

passwords under encryption so I’m

type in my one password here and it

opens up and what I have here is a list

of all of my logins okay I can also put

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you know your debit cards and credit

cards here got secure notes and so on

but it’s got all of your logins and you

can find them very quickly

there are dropdowns from the menu

there’s dropdowns in Safari

for this you can go up here and find

your login and just hit it and it’ll go

right to the website and fill in the

password for you and it will generate

great passwords so that’s I’m not gonna

give a full demo of one password right

now but please go and download one

password or an equivalent software to

help you manage your passwords in

today’s day and age look there’s no

excuse for having a simple password like

Rover one okay number four choose and

install a VPN app now this one’s gonna

be hard to make simple but I’m gonna try

my best this is for macbook users you

are going out and you’re gonna be mobile

at coffee shops you’re at the food court

at the mall or at the airport or

something and any time you’re logging

into free Wi-Fi you should not do so

unless you are going through a VPN app

so basically it’s something you just

turn on and say hey I want all of my

traffic to go through this VPN server

off somewhere else and it’s all gonna be

encrypted and you don’t have to worry

about people snooping on the data that

you’re sending back and forth between

your computer and perhaps your bank or

something like that it’s protecting you

from people seeing the information that

you are sending over the web so it says

specifically for laptops but I use it at

home as well

there probably is no best VPN service

out there you could do some searching

and find a number of different things I

use VPN unlimited that’s worked out well

for me I got a deal through stacks

social where I could basically get an

unlimited lifetime or a lifetime

membership I guess for a certain price I

paid it and you know what I’m getting my

money’s worth out of it and in about two

years it’ll pay for itself I’m already

almost to that two-year point now and

I’m still loving it so I use this

anytime a mountain about do not go out

there and log on to Wi-Fi without a VPN

service okay it doesn’t cost that much

money and it will

at you so I’m gonna leave it at that

consider yourself warned number five is

to choose a backup method and this one

is so important I should have put this

first of course choose a backup method

for your data on your computer okay look

there’s a few easy options to choose

from and I recommend two things as a new

user number one go to System Preferences

and open up time machine okay and find a

hard drive on or something

like that and I’ll put a link to one

  Play by your own rules.

it’s gonna work out for you and backup

all of your data to that external hard

drive okay use the time machine app or

the time machine function in system

preferences here you just select the

disk it’s gonna be on and hit go now I

quit using Time Machine a while ago

because I’m using some other other

methods but for average user I think

this is a great option backs everything

up and if your computer dies you just

plug into the time machine drive and

boom you have everything back the way it

was it’s really easy I highly recommend

that okay the other option is to use and

you might as well do both is do

Backblaze or CrashPlan one of these

online backup services it takes your

backup data and says hey we’re gonna

send it off somewhere else so if your

house burns down

don’t you worry we’ve got all your data

right here on our encrypted servers and

so they’re behind a lot of firewalls and

all this nobody can get to them so I

love Backblaze I’ve been using Backblaze

for a few years I think and it’s what

really worked out well you can go on

there and you can if you lose your data

you can sign in here and get all your

data back you can also control it in

System Preferences there’s a preference

pane here called Backblaze backup and

you can say hey I hear my options I want

you to backup it like you know four

o’clock in the morning I want you to do

it and back up this other hard drive for

example I’ve got an external hard drive

called iPhoto so I plug this in every

time I open iPhoto my my iPhoto well now

it’s not call iPhoto anymore it’s just

called photos but that’s my hard drive

that has all my photos on it so sign up

for Backblaze it’s Backblaze comm I’ll

put a link again in the comments that


get you there quickly that link is gonna

be an affiliate link I think they give

me like a half a free months or

something if you click that and sign up

so whatever if you want to do something

else that’s fine I just want to let you

know in the front end so these are the

five things I think you should do on

your Mac right when you set up I know

that you probably some of you have some

opinions as to some other things you

ought to do first before these would

love to hear it in the comments feel

free to offer an alternative list there

and I’d love to read it and respond so

thanks for watching


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