My Favourite Mac Apps

in this video we’re going to go over my

favorite mac apps in four categories of


consume connect and coordinate hey

friends welcome back to the channel if

you’re new here my name is ali i’m a

doctor based in the uk and on this

channel we explore the different ways we

can get more done

while having more fun i feel like that

should be a new tagline

anyway big part of getting more done

while having fun is the apps that we’re

using on a macbook at all times and so

in this video i’m going to break down

all of the different apps that i use

with timestamps and links to everything

in the video description so feel free to

skip around the video if you feel like

it all right let’s kick things off with

the create category and there are seven

apps in this

the first one being google chrome and

now like these days i seem to spend most

of my life in chrome around a few

central web apps now the main one that i

use for most of my personal note-taking

and general life management type stuff

is called rome

research this is a sort of niche


kind of note-taking app but it’s not

really a note-taking app it’s sort of

like a

generalized second brain personal

knowledge management

type app there’s a lot to go into about

rome i have a dedicated video about it

up there and i’ve got loads more info on

my workflow series on nebula which i’ll

tell you more about in a little bit

but essentially the things i use rome

for is first thing in the morning i do

morning pages

morning pages is this thing where you

just sort of write out a morning journal

uh these days i like to write three

things that i’m grateful for

uh i like to write three things that i’m

going to do to make today great and i’ve

recently started experimenting with this

kind of

affirmation type stuff after speaking to

justin khan on a youtube live stream

where he recommended all of these things

as being

nice ways to add a little bit more

wellness and mindfulness and happiness

to one’s life once i’ve done that i like

to write the phrase today is going to be

the best day ever which then kind of

prompts me to write more and more stuff

and usually by the time i get one or two

paragraphs in i realize oh i could do

this and this and that

and i sort of get derailed from my

morning journaling practice but hey it’s

all good it’s a work in progress

then once i’ve done my morning pages i

always set a daily highlight this is the

one thing that i want to accomplish

today and if i get it done then today

will have been a win

and that is filming this video and so

while earlier today i was sitting on the


on my on my macbook just browsing this

out i actually kind of typed out a lot

of notes

for this very video in rome itself i

also use rome for a load of other things

including anywhere to do lists and

personal knowledge management and second

brain note taking and the lazy

zettelcasten method and like using my

weekly reviews all of that are going to

be coming in a video at some point but

if you want to learn more about them now

they’re all on the workflow series that

i’ve got on nebula more details

in the video description and i’ll tell

you about it at the end secondly i spend

a lot of time inside the gmail app

on chrome now back in the day i used to

use superhuman to manage my email

superhuman recently has been a little

bit buggy on the m1 mac mini and the m1

macbook pro

and so i’ve ended up just using for most of my email

management and the thing that i like

about using rather than having

a dedicated app

is that there is friction it takes a few

seconds for to load

and because for me my major productivity

is not in replying to emails

it means that if i make it less likely

that i’ll reply to emails

yes some people might get annoyed that

i’m slow and replying to emails but

overall i get a lot more done

whereas if you’re the sort of person

whose job literally relies on you

replying to emails then it makes sense

to have a dedicated app that lets you do

it super super fast thirdly i spend a

large amount of time in google docs this

is predominantly where me and my team

write blog posts for my website and

where i’m spending most of my time in

writing my book proposal

and compiling research and notes for my

book and i also spend a large amount of

time in google slides making

presentations i don’t bother with

powerpoint on keynote because google

slides is just super easy and it’s all

within chrome and it’s nice and actually

yesterday in the day before over the


i was running this crash course for how

to use rome research where all the

proceeds were donated to the against

malaria foundation and we raised i think

eight thousand dollars uh for charity

through this like life course

and that was nice like it’s nice using

google slides for this sort of thing and

these days we’re in the middle of cohort

2 of my part-time youtuber academy so i

spend a huge amount of time in google

slides sorting out our presentations and

you know this is one that we’re doing

around gear and finding a niche and like

different types of gear and audio and

video and all this cool kind of stuff

so lots and lots and lots of time spent

in google slides in terms of extensions

there are three that i use on a daily

basis firstly is video speed controller

which lets me speed up youtube videos

and anything else that i’m watching to

like 3x or 4x secondly the instapaper


extension instant paper is nice because

if i want to read an article

i save it to instapaper then i can read

it on instapaper across any of my


and the best thing is when i highlight

anything on instapaper it syncs

automatically to rome

thanks to read wise more on that in a

detail up there called the magical

insight logging framework and finally

because i’m a youtuber i end up using

tubebuddy quite a lot tubebuddy is a

fantastic chrome extension for youtubers

it lets you see search traffic and do a

b testing and do all a load of stuff

uh link to a 60 day free trial if you

want to check it out in the video

description so that was chrome that’s

where i spend the bulk of my time i

probably spend the second most of my

time on

notion which is another one of my

favorite productivity apps and in terms

of using rome versus notion

rome is what i use for most of my

  10 Ways Mac OS is just BETTER

personal stuff any kind of personal note

taking that i need to do books that i’ve

read note-taking that sort of thing but

the notion is where stuff goes if it

involves a production process with my


so anything for a part-time youtuber

academy anything for the youtube channel

anything for a podcast

usually goes into notion so that i can

work on it with my team here’s our page

for example for the part-time youtuber

academy our next cohort is going to

start in june 2021

link in the video description if you

want to join the waiting list for that

but we’ve got tons and tons of

information that our team

that helps our team kind of manage this

along with calendars and checklists and

logistics and all this fun stuff

we also use it to manage our video

production schedule for youtube videos

so you can have a little sneak peek of

what’s going on on the channel for the

next month or so

and we’re also using notion to manage a

lot of the research for the book that

i’m writing so we’ve got research banks

for every chapter and summaries and

books and stuff that me and my team are

reading to try and

create this book that i’m ultimately

trying to make in the next two years

uh there’s a link in the video

description again uh to my

book email list for my book journey if

you want to keep abreast of developments

in my book journey and get like sneak

previews of chapters and all of that

kind of fun stuff so that was chrome and

that was notion which is where i spend

most of my time next we have a very fun

app called loom now loom is a very easy

way of recording videos

while recording your screen and this is

what i use for a lot of

screencasts to give to my team but also

within our part-time youtuber academy

for the people on the executive tier

plan plan i give them personalized


on their youtube videos and so i just

open up loom watch their youtube video

and as i’m watching it i can comment

along and share my thoughts on the video

which is quite nice

yeah mate this is so intriguing i’m like

hooked right now and i wish this were at

the start of the video rather than the

end of it

app number four that i use for creation

is called figma figma is what i use to

help design websites and to design like

thumbnail designs and branding

guidelines and all this sort of

general graphic-y designing stuff that

doesn’t need something dedicated like

photoshop so for example recently i did

a whole redesign of my personal website

you can check it out link in the video


hey friends i’m a liam a doctor youtuber

broadcaster this sort of stuff and so i

was making all of this stuff on figma

and figma makes it like super easy to

move things around and like

you know do cool stuff like that and

we’ve got designs for different types of

blog posts so for example the ultimate

guide to studying for exams bit of

emojis we’ve got a bit of a table of

contents going on we’ve got a nice


sidebar over here all of this was stuff

that i designed in figma and then handed

over to a developer called

dan who coded it into our theme which

was running on ghost the website

platform we also have a nice little book

summary section which i think looks

looks kind of pretty and we’re working

on building that up on the website as

well and we’re also using figma to

design all of the materials for mine and

my brother’s weekly podcast which now

has a youtube channel again you can

check it out linked in the video


and so on figma we were kind of figuring

out what’s the

youtube cover banner gonna gonna look

like what are the thumbnails gonna look

like and so me and my brother are still

going back and forth about this but we

think we might try and design the

thumbnails to look something like this

around emotional roller coasters or

whatever the title of the video might be

and the nice thing about figma is that


free and you can use it with a team and

it’s usually all in the browser but they

do have a mac app as well which i have

on my macbook pro and on my mac mini so

if you’re interested in any kind of web

designer graphic design stuff 100

recommend figma to double with

next on the list we have an app called

day one which is what i use for

journaling now i have a private journal

which i’m not going to show you because

i always accidentally show screenshots

of it

i also have a journal called nice

comments which is where i post

screenshots and automatically forward

emails that contain like nice comments

straight into that journal

so if i’m feeling sad i can look through

my 467 journal entries for nice comments


kind of feel a little bit of an

emotional and spiritual boost and i’ve

got this

memorabilia journal so for example if a

friend gives me a birthday card

and i consider myself a bit of a

minimalist and so i want to throw the

birthday card in the bin i take a photo

of the birthday card put it into day one

and then i will have it forever

and then i can throw the piece of paper

in the bin next on the list we have

microsoft word

yes i still use microsoft word because

my editor at the publishing house likes

using microsoft word

and even though i like using google docs

with my team for everything when it

comes to the book we often go back and

forth between microsoft word files which

is just kind of funny but it’s actually

pretty good because

if you want you can turn off your

internet and do something in microsoft

word and it’s tracked changes features

are very easy to use which means you can

see what changes an editor has suggested

to the stuff that you’re writing

you can like collaborate on written

documents that way and finally i use the

app sublime text to make changes to my

website so i fancy myself a little bit

of a coder because

i used to code quite a lot when i was

younger i don’t do it that much anymore

but i still know enough about coding to

be able to tweak bits of my website and

add stuff here and there when i want to

and sublime text is just the code editor

of choice that i’ve been using for the

last decade and so i’ve got no reason to

switch to something like

visual studio code which i think a lot

of people are using these days next

let’s move on to my consumption apps and

there are three broad things in this


firstly we have the kindle app kindle

  Mac into a NEW Server!

app is absolutely fantastic i use kindle

across all my devices phone ipad

and actual kindle and the nice thing

about having it on the mac as well is

that i can very easily flick through my

highlights of the books that i’m reading

and i can highlight things and because i

highlight things they get synchronized

with rome and notion automatically more

in that video over there about the

magical insight logging framework next

we have the app

insta paper i use insta paper on mac to

read articles and then again when i

highlight them they synchronize

automatically with rom and notion thanks

to read wise and thirdly on the

consumption front i use spotify for all

of my music of choice

i would dearly love to switch to apple

music so that i can be 100 in the apple

ecosystem but every time i’ve tried it’s

just been so so so bad compared to


so i just absolutely love spotify by the

way check out my spotify profile link in

the video description if you want to see

what sort of music i like next on the

list we have connect now these are apps

for connecting and communicating and

making friends and maintaining

relationships and all that fun stuff

firstly let’s start with zoom we’re all

familiar with zoom you know what zoom is

i seem to spend most of my life on


zoom calls these days but what you might

not know is that there is another

amazing app

called grain and grain is really

interesting because grain automatically

can record your zoom calls

and it can transcribe them and so if i’m

having a zoom call with someone i know

that there’s always a transcript of it

that’s available

and even while i’m doing the zoom call i

can take notes within the grain app

and then it flags up the points where i

was taking notes in the transcript

and so for example i’m having loads of

interviews and phone calls with people

around my book these days

and so if they say something

particularly interesting i can just do a

little star emoji on grain

and then i can find that point if i ever

need to go back to it again so grain

plus zoom is absolutely amazing i’ve

also been spending tons and tons of time

on zoom because we’re running my

part-time youtuber academy and we’re

using zoom i think we’re paying like 400

pounds a month for zoom for all the

various features that we use we’re using

zoom for that and i’ve also been running

zoom co-working sessions with

people from all around the world where

every morning we get together on a zoom


i share my spotify instrumental playlist

and we all do work together using the

pomodoro technique so yeah

a lot i owe to zoom these days next we

have the app slack now i use slack for

most of my team communication we also

have a slack team for a part-time

youtuber inner circle which is a

membership community i also use slack

for like a ton of other things for

example for our podcast not overthinking

we have a private members only slack

group and i think slack is where i spend

the fourth largest amount of time so


notion zoom and slack are like my top

four in terms of like actual usage then

we have two fairly quick things we have

whatsapp web which is a very easy way of

replying to whatsapp messages because i

absolutely suck at replying to whatsapp

messages on my phone because typing on

it is just so so so

painfully slow therefore i use whatsapp

web which has a native mac app for it

which is nice and finally we have the

apps for

coordination now there’s actually quite

a lot to talk about here this is a topic

that i’m extremely passionate about

let’s start with a few utilities that i

can’t live without this is the stuff

that i always install on my mac anytime

i get a new mac or anytime i do a

refresh the first one is alfred now

alfred is amazing alfred is a

spotlight replacement tool which means

you can hit command and spacebar and you

can type in anything

and it opens up apps it does web

searches for you it gives you snippets

it’s got loads and loads and loads of

features that are too

numerous to elucidate today is that the

right word in one video i also talk

about alfred more in my workflow series

on nebula more on that in a second

next we have the app moom now moom is

what i use for window management now the

nice thing about moom

is that you can create keyboard

shortcuts that let you snap windows to

certain parts of the screen

moom is mostly what i use when i’m on my

huge ass 49-inch ultra wide monitor

because when you’ve got that much screen

real estate it’s really important to

figure out like you know have

a way of snapping windows to the middle

off to the side off to the other side

usually when i’m on my macbook

pro it’s quite a tiny screen it’s a

13-inch macbook pro and therefore

i only really use one app at a time very

occasionally if i’m on my kindle on one

half of the screen and taking notes in

rome on the other half

then i’ll use moom to sort of sort out

the window management

but normally it’s uh reserved for my mac

mini next we have the app

flux which basically helps tone your

screen yellow when it’s nighttime

uh i know that ios has a mac os has a

built-in one uh whatever it’s called

night time night display true tone

something like that but i find flux to


more yellow and because i often work

late into the night i like my screen to

be very very very yellow so i’m

limiting the blue light exposure to my

eyes which is apparently good for you in

terms of passwords i use dashlane as my

password manager of choice therefore i

can’t live without it because

i don’t remember any passwords they’re

all stored nicely and securely in


and the app that i used to take notes um

when i’m on the go is actually drafts

now draft is basically like apple notes

in that

you’ve got it across all your devices

apple watch phone ipad macbook etc etc

but it just i just find it to be a

little bit

faster and so if i need to type anything

on the go

draft is the first app that i’ll open on

any device or if i’m driving or walking

and i want to dictate a note into my

apple watch i have the draft widget on

my apple watch that lets me dictate into

it and that syncs across all my devices

as well and so drafts for me really acts

as a quick capture inbox

which means like you know if i’m if i’m

taking notes on something it’ll start

off in drafts but then usually it’ll end

up either in rome or in notion depending

  What Makes an Entrepreneur? Four Letters: JFDI

on what it’s being used for let’s talk a

little bit about photo management now

and there’s two apps that i use for

photo management

firstly i just use the box standard

apple photos the nice thing about this


all of the zillions zillions of photos

that i take on my iphone or from my

camera i can just drag and drop

straight into apple photos in fact on

the phone it sings automatically

and i trust that they’ll be there

whenever i need them and the people

feature is cool because it helps pick

out people

from your photos so let’s see this is my

brother who i do the podcast with check

out our youtube channel link in the

video description that’s not him

that’s me that’s not him that’s him

that’s not him that’s not him that’s not


that’s him and that’s him and i can i

can tag these photos of my brother

and then the cool thing is that it like

lets you see all of the photos that

you’ve got with these people it creates

custom albums for them and the cool

thing is that it even generates these

automatically generated videos for

people in your people album and this is

nice because

if it’s someone other than my brother

who’s kind of less tech savvy and it’s

their birthday has come up

then i can send them the video that

apple photos automatically generates

with a nice like musical track in the


and then that person will hopefully

think oh my god ali put the time and

effort to create a custom video for me

for my birthday isn’t he such a

thoughtful boy

um whereas obviously this is just like

purely automatically generated thanks to

apple photos

and it genuinely is just quite nice like

this is a pretty pretty solid nice

wholesome video i can watch it and

be like oh hello uh i can watch it it

can remind me of memories any times that

i’ve spent with my brother

this is generally good all around and

the other app that i use for my photo

management is

lightroom cc and this is the mobile kind


web cloud synced lightroom i don’t

really use lightroom classic because i’m

not a

photographer i just take tons and tons

and tons of photos of myself for various

thumbnails and so i’ve got these like

shared albums that i can share with my

team with like hundreds and hundreds of

photos of me

in varying like various degrees of

compromising positions and poses so that

i can do them for thumbnails

and the cool thing about lightroom is

that it has nice um kind of photo

editing features as well so

famously when you do thumbnails on

youtube you want to make them pop


they get compressed so much and shrunk

so much that kind of this is the before

photo which looks like a reasonable


this is after i’ve done all my edits

which looks a bit like ridiculous you

wouldn’t edit a photo like that normally

but because youtube shrinks it down

it makes sense to make the photo pop a

little bit more so it stands out more

and feels a little bit more clickbaity

so people like you guys can actually

click on it and finally in terms of file


i actually just use google drive usually

on the web i don’t do any kind of local

syncing because these days i don’t work

with a lot of local files

the only local files i work with are

video files from youtube videos and


and zoom recordings i put those into a

folder called the holding zone

and then i immediately upload them to my

team’s google drive which has

unlimited storage on it so far we’ve

used 12.3 terabytes thank you google

for the uh unlimited storage which i

think is going away sometime soon now

the last thing i want to talk about is

more about rome so i mentioned rome

right at the start and i said that i’ve

got this workflow series on nebula now

if you haven’t heard nebula is an

independent streaming platform that’s

built by me and a bunch of other

creators and on nebula we can put all of

the content that wouldn’t necessarily

work on youtube

so it’s not like a youtube competitor

but if we’ve got like

going super super in depth about certain

apps which is what i do in my workflow

series that’s the sort of stuff that’s

probably a little bit niche for youtube

and so it’s nice having nebula as a

store for that on nebula you’ll also


early access to my videos and add free

access to those videos so there’s no ads

on nebula

these sorts of ads are taken out for

nebula videos and it’s not just me it’s

a bunch of other creators that you might

have heard of as well like thomas frank

and wendover productions and legal eagle

and lindsey ellis and tom scott now if

you want to get access to my workflow

series where i basically teach you the

ins and outs of all of the different

productivity apps that i use

including rom and notion the best way is

to sign up to curiosity stream who are

very kindly sponsoring this video if you

haven’t heard curiosity stream is the

world’s leading documentary streaming

subscription platform and on curiosity

stream there are thousands of really

high quality high budget documentaries

that you can watch if you like one

documentary that i’ve enjoyed these days

is called the blockchain revolution

which is like a very short 20-minute

documentary about the history of the

blockchain and

how it’s going to change the world and

the coolest thing is that because

curiosity streams support independent


we’ve got a special bundle with nebula

and that means that if you sign up to

curiosity stream for a year

you get free access to nebula so this is

less than 15

a year for tons of high budget high

quality documentaries plus

all of our bonus content on nebula

including my workflow series where you

can learn about how i use all my fancy

productivity apps so for less than 15

a year this makes this the single best

deal in the streaming world and so if

you want to take advantage of that then

head over to forward

slash ali and then you’ll get your

nebula details emailed to you and then

you can watch all of my tutorials about

rome and notion if you’ve gotten this

far in the video thank you so much for

watching you might like to check out

this video over here

which is my favorite productivity apps

for the ipad which i do use occasionally

even though most of my time is spent on

the macbook

thanks for watching and i’ll see you in

the next video bye


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