Macbook Air M1 After 6 Months

hey guys so it’s been seven months since

i got my

macbook air m1 holy cow it’s already

been seven months

and since then i have come to terms with

the fact that

it’s not my videos on architecture or


or portfolio tips or presentation tips

but it’s actually my friggin macbook


that you guys seem to like the most you

know what that is okay with me

but if you’re here and you haven’t

checked out any of my other videos

i have a whole world of fun videos on

architecture and the design process that


much more interesting than this if you

haven’t checked it out

please do a laptop is a tool after all

today i’m gonna be talking about my

thoughts on the m1

so far after using it for seven months

some of the things that i like

some things that i don’t like as you

probably know when the m1 first came out

a lot of the architecture softwares were

not compatible yet

but we will go through the softwares


and i’ll show you which ones work and

which ones don’t work so well


hey guys welcome back to the channel if

you’re new here my name is dani and i am

a licensed architect

in beautiful vancouver bc on this

channel we talk about architecture and


and also some tools and strategies that

can help us have more meaningful

and fulfilling careers in architecture

and today

we will be talking about the macbook air


use my m1 mostly for my personal

architecture projects

which are a lot smaller than the work

that i do in my office

and i also use it for my youtube channel


researching writing editing and all that


and for general browsing and online


for those uses i absolutely love the m1

i love how lightweight it is and the 15

hour battery life

like that is such a treat i can kind of

take it around

and not really have to worry about it


or like looking for a plug it’s kind of


as it’s promoted it’s silent it doesn’t

have a fan

so even when i’m running some heavy duty

rendering programs it’s not making any

sound especially when i’m doing video

recording or voice recording it’s really

great because you don’t hear

the sound of the computer at all and in

fact that’s what i’m doing right now

also you can download any ios app on the


which is pretty cool i do have a

separate dell laptop that’s

provided by my office which is what i


for my bigger work project in the past

seven or so months a lot of apps

have become compatible with the m1 but

there’s still

quite a few apps that are not a lot of

these apps still rely on rosetta for


and i think it will take another couple

of months

if not a couple more years for all the

apps to be

fully optimized for apple silicon so

there’s a lot of debate on whether

apple is going to start becoming more

popular in the architecture industry

but just based on my personal experience

all the firms that i’ve worked at we’ve

always used pc

and i think that’s just because a lot of

the architecture softwares are

designed and optimized for pc

i think it’ll be very very very unlikely

for a company to

take on the task of switching to mac os

just because that’s a huge amount of

time and

energy i don’t really see that happening


we’re 150 sure that all of the softwares

are going to be compatible

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when you’re working and you’re doing

renderings or

anything that requires a lot of

processing power

you will want to connect your m1

to a power source because things like

that will

drain the battery a little bit faster

and so what that means is that you’re

gonna have only

one usbc port left if you want to

connect to

another hard drive or another device

i’ve purchased a usbc hub so you can


a couple more ports for connecting to

multiple devices

including regular size type a ports

some of the hubs also come with a sd

card reader

and also an ethernet port


some of the usb c hubs come with a usbc

port that will let you charge your

laptop at the same time

so that leaves your laptop with one

free usbc port that you can use to

connect to another device before you

buy your adapter just make sure double

check that it’s compatible with the m1

i’ve had problems with adapters

i will leave the links to the adapters

that i’m using

down in the description but just please

make sure

after you purchase that it works with

your computer and if it doesn’t just

take advantage of amazon’s amazing

return policy

and return it if you are someone who

likes to use

the screen and a second monitor and a

third monitor

you are out of luck because it seems


the m1 so far only lets you connect

to one extra monitor there are some

workarounds to this problem if you

really really need to have your third


which is you can buy a display link

docking station

which will let you have multiple


but this is a pricey solution

kind of up to your discretion whether

that’s a worthwhile investment for you

or not


one of the most annoying things that i

found is that

mac os still in 2021

doesn’t fully support the ntfs file


so for hard drives that are formatted in

ntfs you can still

read it but you can’t write on it so if


want to use the ntfs file system because

maybe you have a lot of hard drives that

you use on a daily basis that’s already

formatted in ntfs there’s two things you

can do

you can format your drive in the exfat

file system that’s

cross-compatible between windows and mac


if you can’t do that you can use a

software that lets you do that

for example the one that i’m using is

ntfs for mac

i’ll leave the link to that below you

can format the drive

inside mac os but you will face the same


if you want to connect that drive to a

windows platform

that’s gonna be problematic if you’re

working with someone who’s using a pc

you need to share the files

in most cases that drive won’t even show

up on your colleague’s computer

that’s just gonna add a huge amount of

friction to your workflow

so it’s something you really need to be

very careful about

so something you have to put in the

budget when you’re buying an

m1 is a good type c

hub and possibly a ntfs for mac

okay so now i’m just gonna switch over

to the architecture softwares and

show you which ones are compatible and

which ones are not

i know guys this is not like a


technically based review but you can

find all of the technical data

elsewhere um much better than i can

provide i just wanted to show you

a review based on my experience of using

these softwares okay so let’s

  Play by your own rules.

first try sketchup

sketchup i have used on this computer

quite a bit

and it works perfectly it doesn’t really

seem to have any glitches

but i will just show you

yeah so this is a

173 megabyte file pretty

pretty big file

but it runs fairly smoothly

don’t really have any problems with it

yeah so this is actually a fairly

complex file um i have

a lot of blocks and

lots of different polygons and

i have texture maps on the surfaces

i have these

plant geometries it runs

pretty similar to my desktop

pc but you can see that

there is a little bit of a lag when

this is in real time you can see that

there is a little bit of a lag

with the texture mapping so i have a

texture applied on this surface

and on the ground but when i pan around

the texture kind of disappears

and it takes a couple of seconds for it


reappear there we go okay so let’s go to


and so rhino i recently updated to their

new version

which seems to work quite well the


version had some problems i would pan

around the model

and within a couple of seconds it would

have an

error and it would just crash and so it

seems like

they have solved that issue

and i’ll just show you a heavier

file if there’s any lags

so this one is a 270

megabyte file and

when i was using my um heavy duty

gamer desktop in the cat lab this

file was liking significantly but

on this it’s running very very smoothly

and i’m very happy about that

yeah really no issues kind of

panning around so yeah with the

renderings typically with my workflow i

don’t really do

renders with my work computer i do do

like video renderings but

with architectural renderings i usually

do it in my

work desktop so i haven’t really tried

it on this computer

but probably for my next video

just because there has been quite a lot

of requests about

testing the um rendering abilities on

this computer

i will probably test out enscape

twin motion and v-ray on this computer

if you guys want me to test out any

other rendering softwares just let me


so vectorworks does seem like it’s been

optimized to run

on the m1 i haven’t really found any

issues so far

just panning around it


okay so now let’s try archicad

um i have downloaded a

couple of their models uh their sample


from their website and they had a pretty

good variety of models of different


they had ones from 340 megabytes

to uh 660 megabytes

so uh why don’t we try opening up the

small one first

yeah here is the axo of the model

so yeah this is yeah i’ve actually never

used archicad before

um i got my m1 and i’ve just been

playing around with it recently and i

really like it um

it’s actually quite a lot like the

interface is quite a lot nicer than


revit has this very like construction

documenty look to it

but i find that archicad just produces

nicer looking

cleaner looking drawings and

the 3d is much much

much smoother to pan around and walk


so i do i do quite like that a lot

um yeah for example just moving around

the model like this

in revit um it i i

it would take me a little longer for the

model to load

as i walk around and

in revit it’s more like um


like i typically just set up the views


the areas that i want to look at and

then i

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click from one view to another

and i rarely kind of pan around the


like this if i wanted to do something

like this i would open up enscape

and kind of move around the model like


but yeah i just really like how

smooth the 3d views

of archicad is yeah it’s really nice i

like it a lot

okay and then let’s do autocad autocad

is a industry standard and

most firms use autocad on a daily basis

i have heard of people saying that they

were having problems accessing the


but i have not experienced that

in my computer it does seem to run

quite smoothly and

i mean autocad has always had a

mac version and so i don’t think that

compatibility with m1 was too

difficult of a transition but yeah

there and also autocad is a much simpler

a much lighter software than um

something like revit or archicad so okay

so now let’s move on to revit which

for me is the critical software

revit is the tool that i’ve used

in all of my years working in

architecture all the firms that i’ve

worked at has used revit

so revit does not run natively

on the mac os so you do have to run

uh parallel software some of you may

have heard

um they just recently introduced


um a couple months ago you can open up

a parallel pc desktop on

the m1 and so i went ahead and


revit 2022

and there we go

a crash error report the software has

cost revit 2022 to close

unexpectedly we apologize for the


an unrecoverable error has occurred the

program will now be terminated

all of your data has been recently saved

so there’s no blah

so this has been happening consistently

every single time i try to open revit on

parallels and so my

take on this is that revit

actually doesn’t work on the m1 i

haven’t really found any resources


to explain why this is happening

but i will report

back and let you guys know if there are

any updates to this

but so far it seems like revit does not

work on the m1 which is a shame

so that was the end of the video i hope

you guys found that fairly helpful

i definitely love using this laptop but

it is my secondary laptop i have my pc

as my primary laptop for doing all my

architecture work

this i reserve for doing my youtube


my editing and more of my general use

would i recommend this as a primary

laptop if you’re an architect probably


because it’s not ready as you saw revit

did not

function properly on this computer but

if you are someone who doesn’t use revit


all if you are someone who doesn’t think


you will ever work for a firm that will

use revit

then yeah it could be a great option for


everything that i talked about in this

video you should definitely

take into consideration before making

this investment with all that being said


kind of it i will follow up in the next


where i test out some of the rendering

softwares on this computer if you

found this video helpful please give me

a thumbs up check out some of my other

videos i have

videos on architecture and design and

the design process

that could be a little bit more

interesting than this one otherwise i

will see you guys in the next video






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