How to use Split View on your Mac

Split View on your Mac

lets you view two apps
full screen, side by side.

Here’s how to use it for
distraction-free multitasking.

To enter Split View
from the desktop,

hold down the green
full screen button

in the upper-left corner
of an app window.

Once the window shrinks,

drag it to the left
or right side of the screen.

Your desktop will resize
to the other half of the screen

showing all
your other open windows.

Now click another app to use
both windows side by side.

We’ll use the calendar.

If you changed your mind about
which side you want each app on,

you can drag one window’s
toolbar to the opposite side

and they’ll swap places.

If you want one app
to take up more of the screen,

you can drag the vertical line
between the windows.

To view another app or
the desktop while in Split View,

swipe with four fingers
on your trackpad.

In some versions of macOS,

you can do this with
three fingers instead of four.

And to go back
to your Split View window,

just make
a four-finger swipe again.

To exit, you can swipe up
with four fingers

to open Mission Control
and then click the expand arrow

in the upper left
of your split window

to return to your desktop
just as it was before.

There are other ways to enter
and exit Split View too.

Check the link
in the description

for more information.

And that’s Split View.

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Multitasking just got
a whole lot easier.

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