How to use macOS Big Sur for beginners

hey y’all welcome back to my channel or

welcome if you’re new my name is brianna

and today i’m going to be sharing the

quick version of how to use mac os big


whether you’re new to mac just now

switching from windows

or maybe you finally updated your

macbook after

months of ignoring it so i’m going to be

giving the sparknotes version

of how to use the new mac os big sur

so i’ve been a macbook user for about

six years now and at first

it was a bit confusing to switch over

from windows after only having ever used


i promise you it’s not that confusing

and you’ll quickly get the hang of it

so i wrote down just the main areas to

know whenever you’re starting off on mac

or maybe you just updated and you’re

very confused about mac os big sur so

here are just a quick couple of things

to know

to get started in the main things that

you’ll be using as a macbook owner

so whenever you first get your macbook

you will need to have an

apple id in order to set everything up

now if you do already have an

apple id for an iphone an ipad or other

apple products

you can use that same apple id i get

this question a lot and i will get

deeper into that later but if you do use

the same id as your iphone or ipad

you don’t have to have everything synced

between all of your devices

i personally like that and i love the

apple ecosystem because

everything is synced together from my

watch to my phone

my ipad my laptop however you don’t have

to have everything synced to your

macbook so

once you have your apple id and you get

everything set up

this is essentially what your home

screen is going to look like

i did change my background this is not

the default

big sur background but i’ll show you

guys how to change your backgrounds in a

little bit later

so on the menu bar a few quick basics if

you click on this apple symbol you’re

going to be using this a lot

this is where you will restart shut down

lock your screen or log out there’s also

a shortcut to view any recent items and

a shortcut to go to your settings as

well as the app store

if you click on about this mac this is

where you can get some general

information about your macbook

if you forget what model you have it’s

going to be right there

it’s also going to tell you what version

of mac os you have so you can see if

it’s up to date

and you can also click on software

update and see if there’s any updates


under storage you can see how much

storage is left on your macbook as you

guys can see i’m getting pretty full

you can also click manage and you’ll be

able to go through and see which parts

are taking at the most

amount of storage you can go through and

clean up clutter delete items and

look for ways to optimize your storage

under support are links to the user

manual you can also click on mac os


it will take you to the website and you

can basically look for different devices

and search whatever area area you may

need help with

and under service if you have apple care

that is where you’ll be able to see that

i did not purchase apple care i never do

for macbooks and

knock on wood i have never had any

problems with my macbooks

so over to the right hand side of the

menu bar are a few different key things

you can see your bluetooth where you’re

able to connect to headphones other


do not disturb so just like on the

iphone you can put do not disturb

on your macbook you can also see your


volume wi-fi and there’s also a

spotlight search to basically

search for anything on your macbook

this next thing was a new update to mac

os big sur

is a control center so the new update

really added

a lot of things that are availa very

  Switching from Windows to Mac

similar to iphone os so if you have an

iphone you’re probably pretty familiar

with most of these updates

so control center is where you can see

your wi-fi bluetooth

you can airdrop and also control your


as well as the volume and again you can

see things like do not disturb

control center applications are able to

be changed and switched out depending on

what you’d like to see

so next is siri i actually never use

siri on my macbook but if you are

someone who likes to do that this is an

option available she’s writing down

everything i’m saying now

and then after that adjust the date you

can click on that

and that will pull up your notification


so this one’s another update is the

notification center you can see

updates from your calendar um you guys

can see that i have an update from final

cut pro from exporting

missed facetime calls and then below you

can have

widgets so again these updates are very

familiar to the new iphone os

you can have widgets for the weather for

time for apple news and a whole bunch of

other things that you’re able to

change and edit if you scroll to the


you can click on edit widgets and you

can add different things in

this is still pretty new so for mac os i

don’t think there

are a whole lot of different things you

can do i think mostly just for apple


it’s not quite like the iphone where

there’s tons of third-party apps

that allow you to edit and add different

things in

so next i want to talk about finder

finder is

essentially where you will find

everything on your macbook whenever you

go to your dock and you click on the

blue and white

smiley face symbol that is going to pull

up finder

this is where you will have all of your


documents downloads basically everything

is going to be here

you can easily type in whatever you’re

looking for in the search bar

so if i’m looking for an image

airdrop is where you can send and


things from different iphones that have

bluetooth and so i love the apple


whenever i am doing something on my

phone i can easily air drop it to my

macbook or from my ipad

and as you guys can see if your device

is near it will detect that and so

airdrop is a super quick and easy way to


photos and files especially if it’s like

a large video

it takes forever to send through email

or through text message so airdrop

is definitely a huge life saver

so in finder you can also see all of

your applications on your macbook and

i’ll also show you another location to

view this but basically finder is where

everything is going to go from your

downloads to your documents

you can also see whatever’s on your

desktop which right now mine is empty

because i like the

minimal clean look the next most

important thing i believe is your dog so

your dog is at the bottom

or it can be on the sides of your screen

these are going to be where all of your

main applications that you use

are going to be and there’s a lot of

different ways to edit your dock

so if you guys notice my dock is

essentially disappearing as my mouse

scrolls up

once i scroll down the dock will appear


and so if you go to your system

preferences which is just your settings

and you click on doc you’re able to

adjust the size of the icons if you want

it to be at the bottom the left the

right hand side

for me i personally like my dock to

disappear whenever i’m not using it i

really like my home screen just to be

the background and nothing else

and so here i have checked automatically

hide and show doc

if you want your dock to always be

showing you can just uncheck that and

then your dock is always going to be

there at the bottom

again you can change the size make it

larger or smaller

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and you can also put it on different

sides of the screen i like mine at the

bottom but i’ve also seen people have it

on the left hand side the

right hand side and so the dock is just

going to be where you place all of your

main applications

you guys can see i have finder imessage

i have things that i use on a weekly or

daily basis so i have

my news app i have podcasts

lightroom photoshop and things that i

need to access more frequently

frequently and while we’re here whenever

you click on dock and menu bar in your

settings you can also adjust what you

want to have in your control

center so you can see all the different

options to place in your control center

i personally never even look at that but

that is there if you want to have easy


again on your menu bar you can already

place things like bluetooth and wi-fi

and do not disturb so there’s some

things that are in the control center

that to me just seem a bit redundant one

more thing i want to point out about the

dock if you guys

see all the icons that have a black dot


that’s going to indicate that that app

is open if you want to close the apps

you can right click

and click quit and you can also right

click and click

options to either remove items from the


if you want to rearrange the order you

can just click on them and slide them

over to whichever place you want to put


so besides finder another area to see

all of your applications is called the

launch pad

if you look at this symbol that has all

the colorful different

squares that is going to take you to

your launch pad in the previous version

of mac os it was like a gray rocket

symbol but now it looks like a bunch of

different colored squares

when you click on that that is going to

take you to all of your applications

the ones that you personally downloaded

as well as the pre

macbook applications that came with it

while we’re here some things that do

come with the macbook are basically the

ones that you will be familiar with if

you have an iphone or an ipad so

things like the app store facetime

messages safari

it comes with podcasts imovie actually

does come

free however final cut pro is not that

is something that i purchased myself

through the app store

you can also see other things you

download like if you have microsoft word

microsoft excel all of that is going to

be in your launchpad or you can also

access that through finder applications

in the app store is where you can find

as you probably guess

apps so there are some different apps

that are only for the iphone

only for the ipad only for the macbook

so there might be some apps that maybe

you have on your phone or your ipad

but they don’t have a macbook version

available i

typically don’t download too many apps

but again if you want to find

games they can be here and some of them

might even have different versions for

the macbook that maybe look a bit

different than the other versions on

like an ipad or an iphone

so i do want to quickly talk about

safari so for the longest time

i was a die-hard google chrome user i

actually just recently in the past

three or so months switch over to safari

and the reason for that is because

safari is optimized to be more battery

efficient and quicker on the macbook and

it’s also

much more secure than google chrome i

know if you’re a long time chrome user

you cannot fathom

having safari as your default browser


i really encourage you guys to test out

safari it’s super

quick and easy to kind of sync

everything between your devices

if i search for something on my iphone i

can airdrop that safari link to

my macbook and safari i found is also


a lot more user friendly when it comes

to a macbook and it does allow my

battery to last a lot longer

so safari is my default browser app of

  Beginner's tutorial for macOS

course if you prefer

google chrome or firefox internet

explorer if people still even use those

you can adjust it and make different

things your default browsers

something else about apple is that they

tend to call settings

preferences so again system preferences

are your settings

whenever you have different apps open

and you look in your menu bar

it will say whatever app is open so

safari and you click on that

system preferences or just preferences

is going to be where you

access the settings for that app so here

for safari you can look at

auto fill password security privacy

and so preferences is mac’s way of

saying settings basically

speaking of settings if you go into

system preferences

in general here are some basic things

you can do so the first thing is

light or dark mode if you have an iphone

you know basically dark mode everything

will be

black and light mode everything is light

or white i have mine set to

auto mode so during the daytime i’m in

light mode

once the sun sets at night time i’m in

dark mode

you can also change your accent color so

whenever you highlight and click things

you can make them different colors

and something else you can do here is

set your default web browser so you can

see mine is safari

if you want to change it to chrome or

anything else that is where you will do


so these are under general settings

something else cool

about big sur is that you can check your

screen time and so before filming this

video i actually have never checked my

macbook screen time

this will tell you the apps that you are

spending the most time on and how much

battery they’re taking up

so you guys can see i spent a lot of

time on safari youtube final cut pro

you can also look at different devices

so i have

my ipad and also my iphone connected and

so i love the apple ecosystem because

like i mentioned before all of my

different devices are

simultaneously connected they are

attached to each other

however if that’s something you don’t

want you can pick

and choose which applications are shared

across devices

so when you go into settings and you


on your apple id at the top you’re able

to select

what do you want to use on your macbook

so if you don’t want to have your photos

or your messages or safari

you can uncheck or check those depending

on what you want to be synced across

your devices

if you do have your imessages synced

there’s a lot more you can do with it


you can pin messages by right-clicking

and clicking pin

you can also finally in the

mac imessage app type in emojis before i

would have to like copy and paste them

from the web browser

you’re able to search them just like

from the iphone

update and you’re

also able to add things like memoji

stickers different imessage effects

and hashtag images or apple’s gifs

another thing to look at in system

preferences is

accessibility so you’ll see the blue

symbol with the man

or the woman gender neutral and if you

click on that

if you are vision impaired or hearing


you’re able to look through different

settings for things like voice over

zooming spoken content and so

accessibility has a lot of different

options to

customize your macbook to best fit your


and the last thing i want to talk about

is anti-virus so windows

laptops and computers are notorious for

getting viruses

i have never in the six years of owning

a macbook had an anti-virus software and

i’ve never had a virus

so those were my spark notes versions of

mac os big sur if you guys have any

questions comment down below i hope this

video was helpful if you want to see


give this video a thumbs up and i will

catch you guys in my next one

bye y’all



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