How to Use MacBook Pro


hey guys on today’s video we’re going to

go over the basics for your macbook air

or macbook

pro it’s the exact same instructions for

both of them

so before we get started just want to

show you some stuff that you may want to

buy right away

which is this right here this is a usbc

hub so that’s what you would need

because you will notice

on the side of your mac you only have

these two ports

so you might want to buy one of these so

you can hook up

any external hard drives or usb drives

besides that in order to charge up your

new mac

again doesn’t really matter which one

you guys have just plug this

in here any side of it will work

this will go into your wall outlet and

then this part

will go right here so just plug it in


and there you go it’s charging now when

you first get your mac you don’t really

need to charge it right away because it

should have some charge already

and to turn on your mac again no matter

if it’s macbook air macbook pro

just open it up and you will see that

automatically it will

start turning on if it doesn’t for any

reason on the top

right hand side you will see that button

so let me show you so again that’s on

the top right hand side

you just need to press down on it

because that’s a touch id

plus a button and you guys can go ahead

press on it in order to access your mac

once your mac turns on we can get

started with everything else

now if you would like to turn off your

mac you should always go into the menu


shut it down from the apple logo however

if you need to force shut it down

because it gets stuck at any point in


then yes just by pressing that button

and holding it

it will shut it down so let’s start off

with one of the main basics that we have

to set up before we do anything

go into your system preferences so your

system preferences you will see it down


it will be there by default however

let’s say you don’t see it there

you can always go up here on the top

right hand corner you’re going to see

your spotlight search so that’s this

icon here

we’re going to click on that icon and

we’re going to type in system


so if you don’t see anything that i’m

looking for or i clicked on

then just going to spotlight search and

search for it

so here’s my system preferences i can

click on it and from there i’m gonna see


and i want you guys to set up something

essential right now

so whether you have a mouse down here


you guys will see a mouse or a trackpad

you can set both up to half

right clicking and make it a little bit

more speedy because right now it’s

probably too slow

just like i am right now and we’re gonna

do other stuff as well

so this goes for both of them okay so

whether again

trackpad or mouse same thing so we’re

gonna go into trackpad for now

and under trackpad we’re gonna enable

the tap

to click which is very very important so

down here we’re gonna see this

just put a check mark there by clicking

on it okay and at this point we no

longer have to click on stuff

so you don’t have to do that you can

just touch the same way

you guys touch your screen on your

iphone or ipad you kind of just

touch your trackpad in order to select

stuff no more clicking

which is great now your tracking speed

for most of you you might think this

is fast enough but once you speed it up

you’re gonna see that it’s way better

now moving on to clicking some of you

may not want to

press that hard so you may want to be


or just leave it as is as for now

we won’t have to click anymore so it’s

okay i’m gonna leave it at medium at the


but yeah we won’t have to click anymore

you can also do

silent clicking that’s also an option

down here but we’re going to leave all

that stuff it’s up to you

later on just customize it but this is

the first thing we should do

i do want to show you other options

right here that we have they should all

be enabled by the way

even this right here i would put a check

mark and just go over each one and see

what each gesture does such as this one

swiping through pages

how do you guys get to notification

center and all that stuff

because you can do a lot of stuff right

here with your trackpad

so the first gesture that you should


is this one right here and that one just

opens everything up

so let’s say you guys have a bunch of

windows right here

so i’ve got this right here also got

this in the background we have a mess

going on here

and i just want to see my desktop

because i have some documents there

just place your hand on top of here and

just open it up

so it’s kind of like the same thing you

guys would do if you guys had an ipad

for example

same gesture to bring anything back in i

just have to go like

this with my hand so i’m going to go

like so then everything will go back

in something else you can do is this

with four fingers

you just go up and you’re gonna see all

your windows open at this point in time

i can just go back by going like this i

can go back into that view like so

i can select a window such as music

or i can go like that and select

something else

so i’m just using four of my fingers and

i’m swiping kind of up

and i can swipe down in order to do that

so those

are very very important gestures now

another gesture let’s say you guys

are in safari or even google chrome and

you’re searching for something so i just

googled my youtube channel here second


and i want to go back well i don’t have

to press on the back button there

i can just take two of my fingers and if

i meet this page i can just swipe

and then it’s going to go back to

previous and i can even go back to the

one that i was before

just by swiping like that so i can swipe

right and left

to see if i want to go backwards or

forwards within

a page now let’s say you guys are

working away

and then you want to look at all your

apps and programs well there’s a quick

way to do that

again gestures all i’m going to do is

this this gesture i’m going to close my


i’m going to go on top of here close my

hand and i’m going to see all of this

so i can swipe through just with my two

fingers i can swipe through

to see all the programs that i have on

here and i can just open up

any one of these to get out of here i

can just click in the middle for example

it’s gonna get me out of there

with this one with two fingers we’re

just gonna swipe

and we’re gonna see this all our widgets

so right here we see our widgets

notifications anything else

we can just swipe back and there we go

so again just taking two fingers

sliding and i’m gonna see that one more

thing i didn’t show you is just swiping

up and down what that does well if i

swipe down

using my four fingers i’m gonna see this

i’m gonna just go back

if i swipe up i’m gonna see all my


and remember you do have right clicking

so right clicking is just with two

fingers you guys can tap

and there we go i do have my right

clicking where it’s gonna give me other


i also want to note that you don’t

actually have to click on here

so you have to press down in order to

click you can tap to click on stuff

just like you would tap on your ipad to

click on stuff you can tap to click here

so i can tap

in order to click so you do not need to

press down

right here my touchpad in order to

activate my clicking

so i do not have to press down on it in

order to actually close anything or open

anything up so again i can just tap

very lightly tap and that will work just

fine as long as you activated your

settings like i showed you so if you

have a mouse it’s going to be

similar what i just showed you however

what i want you with your mouse

let’s just go back to our trackpad

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anyways and make sure with your mouse

you guys have

secondary click secondary click would be

your right clicking

so just have that enabled and you’re

good to go so that’s how you enable

right clicking

on your mouse or right here on your

trackpad exact same instructions

so let’s just go back and then we’re

gonna close this up for now

and at this point we can right click on

our screen for example and we’re gonna

see these options

and here’s some basic options you might

want right away so just

to make a new folder to make a new

folder we can just click a new folder

and we have successfully made a new

folder right here

so we can move that folder to the site

this is our desktop

so we can open up this folder we made in

our desktop and drag any files into


to delete anything from your mac such as

this folder right here

pictures documents anything

all we have to do is right click on that

specific thing

and then just select move to trash


one way of doing things another way to

delete things to select it and press

on your keyboard command delete

and that will get rid of it once you

guys have deleted something always go to

your trash bin so that’s on my bottom

right hand side

i see my trash bin and i just have to

empty it out

again i can just right click on it and


empty however i can also go into it and

see my transparent and see what’s in


so i’m gonna click on it and here’s my

trash bin it’s very important to empty

it out so on the top right hand corner

just press empty

and i do also want to highlight that if

you click on the top right hand corner

where’s the date you’re going to see

widgets and notifications

so let’s just click right there we’re

going to see all this

you can scroll down and you can edit

these widgets at any time

so to edit them on the bottom you’re

going to see edit widgets

you can go ahead and click right there

we’re going to see all these widgets and

at this point we can select any of them

and take down

any of them that we like so let’s say

you guys don’t want these stories i can

click on the top right hand corner

and just get rid of that and let’s say i

want a bigger widget for my weather i

want to really look into my weather

so on the bottom i’m going to see

weather down here i’m going to click on


and here my widgets for weather so i can

have a

small medium or large large will show me

more information about it

so what i’m gonna do is just add this on

the top left hand side i’m gonna click

on it

and that’s going to be added right here

onto my widgets

now to close this up on the bottom right

hand side i’m going to see done just

click on done

and i’m done with my widgets widgets are

really cool because you guys can get a

quick glance

at what’s important in your life

basically from there

we’re just gonna click up here to get

rid of them so it’s on the top right

hand corner

on your date just to get rid of them now

let’s say you’re doing a conference and

you don’t want to get all these

notifications from different apps

including phone

calls or anything even text right here

on your mac

well we can silence your mac not to do


so again on the top right hand corner

you’re going to see this besides siri so

here’s siri

and besides siri we see this just click

on it

and you will notice this coming up so

let me just zoom in a little bit

see this where it says do not disturb

click on it

you’re gonna see this so you can set

this up not to disturb you for one hour

this evening always on maybe you don’t

want ever to get notifications they can

be annoying at times

or it’s just until tomorrow so if you

have a really

long thing or maybe you’re not really

sure how long you’re gonna be in that


or you just want this to start until

tomorrow just click right there

we’re not gonna see any more

notifications obviously if we change our


we can always tap on this again to get

rid of it and right now we’re gonna get

notifications again so that’s something

really important to know

now especially now that we have a lot of

meetings online everybody’s working from

home or maybe you’re even doing school

you may not want those notifications on

now getting back to here you guys will


wi-fi bluetooth airdrop airdrop airdrops

pretty cool

it works really well if you guys have

iphones ipads you guys can transfer

stuff between your mac

and your iphone just using this so

that’s important to note

we also have up here keyboard brightness

display brightness

and sound plus you can always play music

also want to show you that screen

mirroring can only do this if you guys

have anything that’s compatible

with screen mirroring but anyways i do

have a separate video talking all about


but it’s just good to note that

something else that’s really important

obviously it’s how to shut down your mac

so on the top left hand corner we’re

gonna see your apple logo

so this is map logo click on it gonna

scroll down a little bit and you’re

gonna see

shut down that’s how you guys shut down

or restart your mac

so you don’t have those options here

sleep will just put your

mac to sleep so you guys can access it

later on maybe you’re going to use it

after a few minutes

so you just want to let it rest for now

make it sleep

and there you go it’s just going to be

on rest mode however if you guys want to

shut it down you would press

right here and it’s going to

automatically shut down in d

seconds all right if you guys want to

shut it down right away just press

shutdown it’s going to turn

off if you guys want to force shut it

down well that depends which mac you

guys have you may have to hold on to

power button for a few seconds and then

it’s just gonna force

shut down by the way with my new macbook

airs macbook pros

your touch id that’s an actual button so

you guys can actually press

and hold that to shut it down to force

shut it down but the normal way of

shutting down

is from up here and then just choosing

shutdown as you’re getting to know your

mac you’ll find that

everything is in finder so all your

documents everything you guys want to

find is in finder

finders down here on the bottom left

hand side you guys will see finder

as i mentioned if you don’t see it you

can always type it up in the spotlight


however most of you will see it down

here already so we can tap on it and

once you open it up you might see a

screen like so

on the side you’re going to see various

options so airdrop

that works like i mentioned before if

you have an iphone ipad or

touch or maybe another mac you guys can

airdrop stuff between one another

that’s just to transfer files pictures

anything you guys want really

recents we’ll take a look at your recent

files applications that’s where all your

programs are going to be at

desktop is just our desktop and

documents and downloads

so documents that’s usually where you

guys want to organize

all your documents you just drag and

drop any files into there

downloads that’s everything you die is

download from the internet so what i’m

going to show you guys right now is

applications so let’s click on


so right here on applications these are

the apps that are installed on my mac

so these are all the programs that i’ve

installed at the moment

that’s not the only way you guys can

find your applications by the way

we can also find your applications let

me close this up to close any of these

windows up

it’s by pressing the x up here if you

guys want to minimize

you guys can press this so that’s an

option as well so we’re just going to go

ahead and close this

we can also press command q by the way

to quit anything

so if you want to close that or really

close an app

or a program on your mac press command q


essential really good to know but

anyways i wanted to show you another way

you guys can access

your programs obviously there’s quick

ways of doing it but

down here below you guys will also see

launchpad so let’s just tap on launchpad

  Play by your own rules.

and here they are that’s another way to

access all your programs and take a look

at them

we can also search for them so if it’s a

specific program maybe you have a lot

just click up here and search for that

program to get out from this just click


just click anywhere that’s not a program

and you’re gonna get back here

now to serve the web we can use safari

but there’s also google chrome and other


that we can use so right now i’m gonna

show you how to download google chrome

which is something that everybody uses

all the time so right now we’re gonna go

right into safari

here’s safari down here again if you

don’t see it we can use spotlight search

so that’s on the top

right hand corner that’s a spotlight

search we can click right there

and we can type up safari once that

comes up we can just

click on it and here safari you’re gonna

just close this up

on the top you’re gonna see your search

bar and just type in

google chrome then we’re just gonna hit

the enter key

we’re gonna see this and here is the

first thing

usually i always tell you guys don’t

select the first things that’s an ad

so it could be anything it doesn’t

really have to be something from google

but hey it’s google so they’re gonna put

their thing first and not some

advertisement from another company

so for safety you should always scroll

down and just select the second option

so you will see download and install

google this is from

that’s exactly where you have to go

download anything from google such as

google chrome

and that’s exactly what we’re gonna do

so we’re just gonna click on the first

option actually and right here we’re

going to see get more done google chrome

blah blah blah

and download google chrome for mac os x

10.11 or later which is exactly what

your mac is

so we’re going to go ahead and download

right now chrome so depending which

mac you guys have you’ll download the

intel chip

or the apple chip newer max if you guys

just bought a mac it’s gonna have the

apple chip they mean

m1 chip so if you guys have a mac

that in the description set m1 the newer


then it will be an apple chip or else

it’s just going to be an intel chip

you can also check that out up here on

the top left hand side

you’re going to see your apple logo just

click on it about this mac

and you guys will see if it says intel

or maybe just says apple

anyways once you guys verify which one

you guys actually have

just go on and select your second option

or your first option in this case it is

an m1 so we’re gonna click

right here we’re gonna go we’re gonna

see this message

we’re gonna go into allow and it’s gonna


now one more thing since you know this

will take some time downloading

well actually it’s already done

downloading but to get everything

set up correctly we’re gonna go back

into system preferences

system preferences we’re gonna open that

up and we’re gonna make sure that

everything we download

can download without any problems to do


we’re gonna go right into our privacy so

that’s down here below

security privacy we’re gonna see this


click on it and from here if you’re

having any problems downloading any apps

or doesn’t really matter what it is

could be this google chrome

or installing anything from the internet

that’s not directly from apple

then we have to make these changes so

we’re gonna go

on to click to unlock so it’s in the

bottom left-hand side we’re gonna click

right there we’re gonna unlock this


we’re gonna go ahead we can use our

password or our fingerprint

depending what you guys have we’re gonna

unlock this

and from here what we have to choose is

the second option

so app store and identify developers

do not just have app store so make sure

you guys have the second option

and if you’re having any problems with

any anything

actually downloading and installing you

will see an additional message down here


where you guys can click on allow so

just keep that in mind

for now we’re just going to close this

up and since we have successfully

downloaded google chrome

we can always go in the top right-hand

corner we’re going to see this arrow

and we’re going to see show downloads

here’s our dmg file

usually programs for mac will be dot

dmg not like windows files that are

dot exe or any other one another way to

see this is just

going to your downloads so i’m going to

teach you that too if you guys open up

finder once again we can always click on

downloads once finder opens up

and we’re gonna see our downloads right

here there are several views to look

at your files so i really don’t like


first look i like to see my icons so i’m

going to go ahead and click on this

and this is the difference so we’re

going to see an icon

instead of a list which is this option

so i do like

things a little bit more visual and

that’s why i do that

but it depends what you guys like

anyways here’s my dmg file

i’m gonna click on it double click on it

to open it up

it’s gonna open up my google chrome dmg


and basically with any app out there

to install it it’s just dragging it to

the applications folder

so here it is we’re supposed to see this

and right now what it tells us is to

drag this thing

so we’re gonna click on it we’re gonna


we’re gonna drag it on top on top of our

applications folder

but yes this is our applications folder

that’s we’re doing right now we’re

transferring it over there

and that’s it it’s that easy so we can

go ahead and close this up so we’re

gonna tap

up here and then we’re gonna go back

into our applications

and from here we’re going to see google

chrome it’s right here

so we can double click on it and we’re

going to open up google chrome from here

we should

just press on open and we shouldn’t have

any problems

again if you have any problems i showed

you guys that

in the system preferences where you can

change a few things but anyways we’re

going to start google chrome

for now before we start google chrome

make sure to read this at google

chrome’s your default browser

you may want that may not want that for

me not really although i like google


i don’t want it to be my default browser

so anytime i click on a link

i don’t want google chrome to open i do

like safari and we also have this option

which is to make google chrome better

now that i do like i do like sending

off that information about anything that

goes wrong

to google so we’re gonna go ahead and

start google chrome and here we go

right now we got a few notifications to

close any notifications because they

might be annoying you can just tap on

the left hand side

so we’re gonna see this x tap on it tap

on it that’s you can close

notifications that just came up going

back into google chrome

right here we have it and we can start

up just by

getting started we can sign in with our


or on the top you guys can just type up for example so to search for

anything we can just go ahead

press the return key and we’re gonna

search for those videos

or information about any website here on


so that’s it you guys can search and use

google chrome right here on your mac

now i did mention about properly closing

windows and programs

at this point this is something that’s

not too great about mac

but on the top left hand side you guys

will see this right

and i did tell you that to close any

windows you would need to do that

yes and no so for programs such as

google chrome if you do that it’s not


closed so i’m gonna tap right there tap

here i’m gonna close everything

and you might notice on the bottom

you’re gonna see google chrome with this


below it right the same thing goes with

safari right here

i don’t really have any other apps that

are open so

although i close them technically

they’re not really close they’re kind of


so to actually close those apps we do

have to press command

q or just quit them so i’m going to open

up google chrome again so here’s google

chrome and to properly

close an app such as google chrome when

you program like i mentioned before you

  25 Basic Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

would do command

q to actually close it and quit it

or you can always tap up here

you’re gonna see chrome for example or

whichever program it is

so just tap on it and if you scroll all

the way down you’re gonna see

quit so you guys can quit google chrome

or quit any app for that matter

or again you guys can always press

command q on your keyboard so i’m going

to do that

and as you may notice if i look down

again i’m not going to see that dot

underneath it that’s because it’s no


opened at all it’s fully closed so

that’s how to fully close any


programs right here on your mac so at

this point since we’re done

installing google chrome we can always

just right click

here and eject google chrome

that’s just ejecting the installer

that’s all it’s kind of like

deleting it but we’re not deleting the

app itself so don’t worry about that


just make sure to eject it it might take

a little bit like right now

usually they don’t it’s the first time i

actually took that long

but anyways we’re done with that now

something else that’s really useful

to know about your mac is that you can

customize so many things in so many keys

when it comes down to it so for example

maybe you have a smaller

macbook pro macbook air and you want

more space on your screen

and you don’t want to spew this the

whole time because you may not

need to view this the whole time every

single icon you guys have down here

well there’s a way around that so we’re

going to go into system preferences

now again if you don’t see system

prefaces down here you can always look

for that

up here in your spotlight search so what

we want to look for is our third option

up here doc in menu bar just tap on it

and this is something that most people

use but you don’t have to if you don’t

want to

automatically hide and show the dock so

down here below

we can go ahead and hide that dock if we

don’t want it

so we’re gonna go ahead and click right

there what does that do

well i’m gonna click and i’ll click

there so you guys can see what happens

see how it disappears

that’s what it does so let’s say i made

it hide

what happens well if i scroll all the

way down

it’s just gonna appear so that’s what

i’m doing

as long as i’m not touching that then

it’s just gonna disappear

however if i go down with my mouse all

the way down

i’m gonna see everything that i want now

something else that’s pretty cool that i

like to activate

is up here magnification so i’m going to

put a check mark right there

and what this does is this so now that i

scroll down

it’s going to magnify everything

now in my case i think that’s a little

bit too big

but some people may like that we can

adjust that so i can adjust

to the middle ish so now that if we go


they just go up a little bit more so it

kind of highlights what you’re scrolling


i’m gonna go over a little bit more and

there we go

so right now it’s highlighting what i’m

gonna select

now this is pretty useful again if you

have a 13 inch uh

it’s pretty nice that this will

highlight what you’re scrolling over

so that’s a quick tip for you to

customize and further customize your mac

so for now we’re just going to close

this up now i’m just going to show you

what’s down here and what

each one of these is so launch pad

already show you just shows you

all your apps so far just a web browser

where you can use same thing as google


and right here we have messages so this

is just imessages if you have an iphone

for example you can hook it up and you

will see your text messages as well here

so if somebody from android sent you

a message you will also see it here if

you don’t have anything like that

don’t have an iphone then you’re only

going to see imessage

in there so that means you’re only going

to see messages from other people using


apple device since imessage only uses

your data or your wi-fi

anyways moving on to facetime well we’ve

all kind of seen what facetime is

it’s just you calling over somebody else

and you can do facetime audio by the way

if you don’t really want to show your


so you can do that as well um you guys

can also even use siri

to make those facetime calls or even

send text messages so siri is on the top

right here

so you can click on it and just go on

and use siri

to make any phone calls or anything like

that you can tell siri to do that you

can tell tier to do a lot of things even

tell you the weather

and stuff like that anyways going back

here we’re gonna go into mail

may also go to set it up uh you don’t

really have to you can always

just go into your mail through safari or

google chrome just going to

let’s see you guys have hotmail go to

your hotmail through google chrome or


it doesn’t really matter but yes you set

up your mail right here

to go along with your hotmail or gmail

or whichever so you guys can have

everything right in there

anyways maps would be like google maps

but it is in google maps it’s maps

created by apple

and photos that’s where you could keep

all your photos

and usually they end up there anyways if

you have an iphone you’re gonna see that

a bunch of your photos are there already

moving on to calendar well

it’s just a standard calendar contacts

you can view all your contacts from


if you have any moving on to reminders

that’s where you open up type up stuff

just to remind you

again i like to use siri for everything

so you can tell siri to remind you of


specific date and that’s where it’s

going to be added

notepad well that’s where you can write

any notes they like

so i actually use notes a lot and i keep


in there from videos that i need to do

or any additional notes

your apple tv app that i’m going to go

into later because that’s just an app

it’s not apple tv plus

and i’ll show you that in just a second

music symbiotes can check that out later

and with podcast again just go right

into it and see if you like anything in


news there’s stuff that’s free in there

and there’s own soul

paid stuff you can’t pay for a

subscription or you can look up

free news in there as well your app

store that’s where you’re gonna download

a lot of your apps but not all of them

like i just showed you before you can

always go and

look for specific apps that you want

such as google chrome from safari you

can download that and you wouldn’t

download that from the app store for


but there’s a bunch of apps in there

that you may want moving on

to system preferences which i already

showed you and all the way here

we’re going to see your trash which is

always important

to empty it out now before we keep going

with anything i want to move on to

system preferences again

and that’s because i want to show you

something i don’t have a video

showing you really specifics of how to

set up an external hard drive with your


but i think that’s the best way to have

a backup of your documents and

everything you’re going to move on to

your mac

so make sure to activate time machine

that’s down here below

and that’s using an external hard drive

don’t activate it if you don’t have an

external hard drive

there’s no point but if you have one use

time machine

i have a video whole separate video

showing you how to set up time machine

so make sure to watch that

if you’re interested in backing up your

files if they are important to you

or else yes you can use google drive or

anything else like that

to keep your files online and secure for

now we are done

hopefully have fun with your mac you

will get used to it really fast trust me

as long as you watched and follow these

steps you should be

all good anyways that would be it for

this video if you guys have any

questions comments you guys can write

down here in comments area

don’t forget to subscribe and rate thank







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