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a couple of days ago we reached out to you our MacRumors viewers and readers on social media asking about your favorite or your top mac OS tips and we got a lot of very common and basic tips that everyone should probably know and then we got a few that I didn’t even know and they kind of blew my mind so in this video we’re gonna go over some of the best tricks that you guys have recommended and some that I’ve discovered over the years of using Mac OS and some that I just learned about over these last couple days while making this video so there’s tips and tricks for everyone whether you’re a basic user intermediate or advanced here are 25 of those tips and tricks for your Mac [Music] before we get started be sure to subscribe and hit the bell to get notifications whenever we share a video our first tip is pretty easy it’s one that I think a lot of people really do know but a lot of you guys also commented that this was your best or favorite tip so we figured why not include it if you want to switch between open applications quickly and easily all you have to do is press command + tab now if you keep holding down command and you just keep tapping on the tab key you’ll cycle between the different applications that are open letting go of the keys will then switch you to that app that’s currently highlighted taking things one step further here if you are finished with a certain app and would like to close it right from the app switcher simply press the Q key with command held down and it will close that out hot corners is a feature that I think most people also know about but it’s been around for quite a bit and I think it’s a very underrated and important feature go to System Preferences select Mission Control and then hot corners in the bottom left from here you can set up multiple functions or tasks to be carried out whenever your mouse hovers over that specific corner you can have launch Mission Control whenever you hover your mouse over the top right corner or shove desktop activate the screen saver and much more now here’s an advanced hot corners tip if it becomes a bit annoying that your screen saver is coming on every time you hover your mouse in that corner try going back to the hot corner settings and then before you click on the preferred corner and set it to what how you want it hold down the option key this time every time you go to that corner nothing will happen until you hold down the option key first in order to activate that hot corner most of you probably know how to hide a current window but just in case you don’t it’s command + H instead of minimizing the app the app just disappears and then it can be brought back by either simply clicking on the icon in your dock or switching back to it by using the command + tab tip that we talked about earlier if you want to cycle between a specific apps windows maybe you’re writing a note and you want to reference another note that’s open in the background and hiding simply press command + the tilde key which is the key above the tab and underneath the Escape key and you can quickly switch between app windows we made an entire video about this next tip called stacks but just in case you are still rocking an extremely messy desktop simply right-click wherever there’s a bit of space on your desktop and select you stacks your files will auto magically be grouped by file type all neatly arranged for you on the right side of your desktop if you press shift command 3 that will take a screenshot you probably already knew that and then shift command 4 will take a screenshot but you have to select the area that you want but if you press shift command 5 you now have an option to quickly record your screen or a portion of your screen it comes in handy for me especially when I’m making videos like this one speaking of screenshots if you want a clean looking screenshot of a specific app window your wallpaper dock menu bar etc go ahead and press shift command 4 and then press the spacebar your cursor will turn into a camera icon and you’ll be able to take a clean screenshot of your menu bar your dock specific window etc in Safari picture-in-picture is starting to work with a lot more sites out there and more specifically with YouTube all you have to do to bring up picture-in-picture is right click on the video two times to bring up a secondary menu that offers the picture-in-picture feature now that previous tip doesn’t work for every website but this next tip might help you out if you have a video playing look up at your tool bar for the audio icon then right-click on that icon and you should be able to enter into picture-in-picture mode from there if you have a force touch trackpad or a MacBook with a force touch trackpad there are a few neat tricks that you can do using the force touch gesture for example if you’re inside of YouTube you can force touch a video thumbnail and it will launch a quick look version of that video allowing you to actually check out and watch the video without leaving your current page this works with website links to see a word you’re not familiar with well you probably know that you can highlight that word and then right-click and select lookup however if you just simply force touch that word this feature happens instantly one last force touch tip that I personally like is the ability to rename folders and files quickly by simply forced touching the file name now it’s important that you actually touch the file text not the icon because if you do that with the folder icon it will actually just give you a preview or a quick look of that folder so it won’t change the text you have to actually make sure you’re forced touching the text name itself your Apple watch can unlock your Mac which is an amazing feature but you might already know that in Mac OS Catalina your Apple watch can do a little bit more than just unlock but it can also confirm password so that you don’t have to keep typing them in it’s super useful for those who don’t have touch ID built into their Mac so heading to System Preferences under security and privacy make sure the unlock apps and Mac with Apple watch box is checked in order to enable that feature navigating through files on your desktop using the arrow keys is pretty cool and very basic however if you want to open up a folder using your keyboard rather than clicking on it you can actually use command and then press the down key to open a folder and if you want to get out of that folder just press command + up key to go back to where you came from I think this next tip might be pretty well known but a lot of you out there commented about it so again why not mention it here command space brings up spotlight if you didn’t already know that now your life is changed forever spotlight can easily help you search for files folders open up apps websites etc what you might not know is that you can also convert currencies on the spot or even do basic math with a built-in calculator function all within spotlight if you’re a multiple desktop user you might not know that you can easily switch between those desktops by pressing ctrl + either the left or right arrow I personally forget about the shortcut all the time and it even works with full screen apps so I usually use the swipe gesture on my trackpad but if you don’t have a trackpad or you just forget you can actually just do ctrl + use the left or right arrow key to switch between those desktops speaking of tips that I forgot about or I even didn’t know here are some of the more advanced tips for Mac OS option + command + delete on a selected file or folder will delete it permanently meaning that you can’t go back and find it in the trash bin just poof it’s gone forever might be helpful if you really know for sure that you never want to see that file again and you don’t want to have to undo your trash bin option + click on the notification center icon in the top right corner of your screen it will now be grayed out meaning you just turned on do not disturb I absolutely had no idea about this whatsoever but I’m really happy that I do now this one is a stretch for most of you out there but there’s no reason not to turn this on in my opinion especially if you’re using a wireless mouse that could potentially die at any moment head into settings accessibility and then under pointer control select alternate control methods tab then next to enable mouse keys select the options and check the first box what this does is whenever you press the option key five times in a row this will then enable mouse Keys functionality and then you can use the number keys on a keyboard with a dedicated number pad to move your mouse cursor around your Mac if you don’t have dedicated number pad use seven eight nine and the surrounding keys around it and it will operate the same way if you hold down option while pressing one of the function keys like for mission control brightness media controls etc you’ll automatically be taken to the corresponding settings menu inside of System Preferences for those specific keys if you want to easily create and duplicate a file every time you click on a specific file all you have to do is right click and select get info then check stationery pad box whenever you open up that file a duplicate version will automatically opened instead this is perfect for quick templates of specific documents remember earlier when I said command H will automatically hide your currently opened application well option command H will actually hide every other window around the app that’s currently open finally our last tip is one that might not be too advanced but I always forget it’s a thing if you want to copy the link that’s currently showing in your browser’s navigation bar instead of going up to the browser and double clicking and then hitting command C or right clicking and copying if that’s how you do it just hit command L and then to copy it command C it’s much faster than using your mouse in my opinion so that’s it these our our current tips and tricks that some of you may or may not know and if you happen to know all of them then you’re probably a Mac Genius and I’d really hope that you’d leave me a tip that I might not know in the comment section down below so that we can maybe feature it in an upcoming video thanks so much for watching everyone this has been doing with Mac rumors and I hope to see you around in the next [Music]

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