20 Mac Apps I Can’t Live Without!

i’ve been a mac user since well my whole


i’ve used a lot of really good apps a

lot of really bad apps but there’s about

20 mac apps that i can’t live without

and i’m going to show them to you

there are a lot of awesome settings in

mac os hidden behind the command line

you need to find these terminal commands

online and then

run them in the terminal in order to

enable these settings

and while sure you can get a lot of

views on youtube by making these videos

it’s really not the best way tinker tool

is a free app that takes all of these

hidden settings

and puts them inside of a gui you can

toggle them on and off

no command line required it’s really

awesome let me show you some of the

features that i

use that i honestly can’t use a mac

without anymore

first up we have the dock the dock is

great but the problem with the dock

in my mind is that it takes up a lot of

screen real estate so i leave it hidden

but then it takes so long to summon the


if we turn on these three options you’re

going to see three things that are

game changers in mac os the first one is

that now when i drag my mouse cursor


the dock instantly appears there’s no

longer a delay for the dock to show and

then the animation it’s non-existent so

you drag your mouse over

it’s up you move it away it’s gone this

is awesome

getting the dock in and out of your way

really quickly secondly

it does another thing where if i hide

this application which i do often rather

than minimize windows

sometimes i do but it depends on my

workflow i usually press command

h to hide the application entirely this

app now becomes translucent in the dock

so i know that the dock is open because

of the indicator dot

but i also know that it’s not in the

foreground and there’s not any windows

floating around that have been minimized

or are in full screen in another space

so it’s really great to be able to have

that there there are a lot of other

features a couple of the others that i

really really like

are okay look you should use time

machine okay

backups are good but if you don’t have

time machines set up every time you plug

in an ssd or basically any storage

device it’s going to say hey do you want

to use this volume as a time machine

backup drive

you can turn that notification off so

that it stops bothering you about it

that’s a handy one appearance this is

one i really really really love dark

mode is great and i’m someone who uses

light mode during the day and dark mode

during the night but there are still a

number of applications that i sometimes

want in light mode all the time you can

do that

inside of the appearance setting here


this is my last favorite it’s such a

simple thing

it’s a backspace key can be used to

navigate back

in safari that used to be a thing now

it’s gone

you can put it back you go into safari

you hit the backspace key

and you go back a page really really


and well that’s just a few of the many

many many settings

inside of tinker tool it’s free it’s

easy to use it’s easy to revert to

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and of course snazzy labs cheat sheet is

so simple but so

amazing you know on the ipad when you

hold down the command key and it shows


kind of like a list of the hotkeys that

you can run that’s mostly because well

there’s no menu bar and so you can’t see

the items and the corresponding hotkeys

but cheat brings that same feature to

the mac and it’s amazing

if you hold down the option key for long

enough it brings up this

big huge registry of every single hotkey

that you can run inside of the app

you’re using furthermore

if you see the command you want to run

well you just tap it

and it runs it’s freaking awesome

imageoptim is one of those free apps

that i would almost pay

unlimited money for and the way to best

explain it is to just show it to you i’m

going to take these files

21.4 megabytes 18.5 6 and 3.8 megabytes

and i’m going to drag them into

imageoptum basically what this app is


is stripping out all of the unnecessary

data from within that image file

without compromising on picture quality

so it’s stripping out comments and

thumbnails private exif data etc

without touching the actual quality of

the image

sometimes it only saves you know

five-ish percent but usually on pngs

especially these larger ones

it’s going to save a ton of space

it’s really really cool it uses a

surprising amount of horsepower

inside your computer and the results are

amazing now there are a lot of features

you can for example reduce the quality

if you want

but i literally just leave it at

optimize give me the exact same photo

just a lot small look at that one 59

saved oh

what a great app drop zone is an app

that’s relatively new to me but it’s

really powerful

and i am a big fan basically what it

does at the ground level is

it acts as a zone where you can drop or


files links documents whatever you want

until you’re ready to act upon them it

doesn’t move them it doesn’t change

their name

it leaves them in exactly the same spot

until you want to do something with

those files

now you can do something completely

unrelated to drop zone with these files

but i’m going to do something related to

drop zone obviously

so move them from where they are now no

matter where they are on the disk to the

downloads folder

and if i go to the downloads folder

there they are

conversely you can act on them in other

ways like i can open them in image optim

and they’re automatically opening

and minimizing in size which is really

cool but you can go even

further with drop zone thanks to

third-party actions

i can take any file drag it onto the

email thing it will compose a new email

with that file as an attachment or no

matter where i am i don’t need to be in

the finder

i can drag something onto this airdrop

icon and it will automatically airdrop

it to someone that i select

imgur i can upload full resolution files

if i’m on youtube i can drag the url

over into ytdl and it will download the

youtube video it’s really amazing

but this is kind of the flashiest

feature okay i’m going to download

omnidisk sweeper

this is an application that has long

been used to clean your local disk your


of files that you don’t want anymore

okay so i’m going to take this disk

image file and i am going to drag it

over onto

install now watch what happens it is

going to mount the dmg and once i accept

the terms and conditions of the app

it’s going to move the app into the

application folder automatically open

the app

and it ejected the dmg file and deleted

the app

it’s just it’s done

that’s so freaking cool drop zone it’s


this next one is a short one ina i have

set it as my default media player for

basically everything it’s replaced

quicktime for me

and it’s certainly replaced l media vlc

and other third-party apps

this app can basically just handle any

file type you throw at it

it looks and it acts like quicktime it

uses similar commands

it has this very very very nice playhead


it has touch part and trackpad gestures

native picture and picture

online subtitles i mean the list goes on

it is a really

awesome media player that just it

replaces everything for me and it’s free

and open source what more do you need

okay so this next one’s kind of cheating

  My Favourite Mac Apps

because it’s not

a mac app it is a swift ui ipad app that

is running on my m1 mac and it is


it’s my favorite podcast client of

choice while not the most

beautiful looking podcast client anymore

it is the most functional in my opinion

its smart speed feature is better than

anything else the voice boost comes in

handy when you’re listening to a podcast

with poorly recorded audio

it is so much more feature rich than the

stock mac app

that it’s kind of unbelievable if you

like podcasts at all

give overcast a shot on any ios device

or m1 mac it is

superb this next app is alfred and if

you’ve watched my channel you know how

much i care about alfred this is the

one app that i truly cannot use a mac

without it is the best mac app

ever made and it is the first app that i

install on

every new mac in short it’s just an app


but it’s not because it’s it’s so much

more powerful than that think

spotlight but on crack you can see how

quick it is for example i don’t know

let’s say i want to

um search amazon for uh 13 gallon there

you go 30 gallon trash bags

done um let’s say i want to check my

clipboard history well i could do that

here it is

and if i want to recopy something to the

clipboard there you go boom it’s done

uh what if i want to define a word um


there we go it’s a food made of flour

water and yeast or another leavening


cool let’s say i want to do some basic

calculation like the square root of 144.

oh there you go it’s 12. uh what if i

want to open up a mini music player

to play my itunes library without having


actually you know open itunes and deal

with that whole shenanigans or

apple music or whatever you call it

nowadays uh then there’s a number of

workflows that can make this app

even more powerful again i barely

scratched the surface there is so much

crap you can do with alfred it would

blow your mind uh let’s say i want to

see what the price of ethereum is there

you go

let’s say i want to convert one gibby

byte into gigabytes

there you go let’s say i want to say 120

plus i don’t know 34 there you go let’s

say i want 12.4 percent

of uh 34. there you go 4.21

it gets even more powerful let’s say i

want to add a calendar event to

fantastical which is my calendar of


so let’s add a new personal event uh

and let’s call it uh walk dog i’m gonna

walk the dog on thursday at uh

2pm remind me 20 minutes before and i’m

going to do it at liberty park

boom we’re done i mean

come on man it’s it’s freaking awesome

uh you

what else can i do i can run a speed

test sure

why not okay it’s running a speed test

now and uh it’s using speedtest.net

servers through the command line

okay it’s done 935 megabits per second

down 890 up

alfred is so incredibly powerful it

would blow your mind i’ve talked about


maybe five things that alfred can do and

it can do hundreds of things

it is amazing it is the best app ever

made and it will

change the mac for you it is it is


get it please all right this next one

is one that i admittedly don’t use as

much anymore now that i’m out of school

but i do still use it a couple of times

per month and it is

indispensably handy which is why i still

consider it a crucial app in my lineup

and that is

math picks basically what this is is it

is an application that does

ocr recognition of handwritten or

typed text and turns it into

actually kind of copy and pastable data

that is actionable

so this is pretty handy obviously you

can see the ocr it lets you

copy that data in a number of different


for either web viewing for putting it

inside of a word doc

you can see the original and modify it

if you need to

you can search the web for that exact

equation or solution that you’re

searching which is pretty freaking


and then it can solve it as well if

you’d like which

this one is it’s not going to solve this

because there’s no solution but if we


i don’t know basic uh algebra

equation test uh okay

and yeah sure i don’t know here we go

these are stupid oh here we go um

yeah let’s do this one so here we go

we’re gonna

go multiply and boom

it’s taking a second computers are dumb

silly computer

there you go that’s freaking awesome you

get a hundred free snips per month if

you’re a student

if you’re not a student you get 53 snips

per month and so even though it’s not

technically free

it’s effectively free unless you’re

doing hundreds or

thousands of snips per month which even

if you’re a student you’re probably not

math picks it’s freaking sweet all right

so this next one’s kind of a cop-out but

i’m going to unashamedly admit that i

use it

it’s called mock-up studio and it might

be good for bad youtubers but it’s it’s

mostly focused i think at web developers


app developers who want a bunch of you


mock-ups of their website or their

product or whatever but but don’t want

to go and spend a bunch of time in

photoshop or don’t want to hire someone

basically what happens is you take the

photo that you’d like to be made into a


and you can click it and there you go it

visualizes that photo

on all of these different devices and

you can change whether or not you want

it to be i don’t know a macbook whether

or not you want hands to be there

female hands here you go uh it’s pretty


and uh these are high resolution it’s

free if you want lower resolution and

you’re not going to use it commercially

if you are going to use it commercially

i think it’s like 15 bucks a month but i

just get it through setup

and so it’s basically free and wow

what a great way for lazy people to make


okay full disclosure this next app is

from a podcaster and friend

john syracusa but it’s one that i paid

for and i use

frequently it’s called front and center

apple screwed everything up this year

with mac os 11

but mac os 10 was around for 20 years

and a behavior that mac os 10 adopted

that a lot of people

didn’t like was the active window

behavior so right now i’m in safari and

i have a couple of finder windows behind

who knows i might have more underneath

this window in mac os 10

and 11 and 12 when you click this window


that window becomes the active window

and the other finder windows

stay behind the safari window now i can

bring them to the front

by pressing command and then tilde to

make them the active window

or conversely i can click here and then

click the finder app and now they’ll all

unveil themselves

but the classic behavior the behavior

that was present

prior to mac os 10 and the behavior that

most old people like john

still like is wherein the windows all

unveil themselves at the same time

i’m not old and so i don’t like that

but one thing i do appreciate about

front and center

is that you can toggle the opposite

behavior by holding shift

anytime you hit a window so right now if

i press this window just one comes up as

mac os 10 does

but if i go back and now i hold shift

down as i click this window

all of those windows come to the front

it’s handy as a modifier and a toggle

when you know you want to see

all of the apps windows but don’t want

to go fully back to mac os classic but

if you’re a weirdo and you do the app

does that too front center it’s really


but it’s really handy for mac os’s in my


quite poor window management in mac os


no manjaro what’s a snow leopard what’s

it called in monterey

and in ios 15 there’s this new feature

called live text

and it’s basically optical character

recognition you can you know pull

text out of a physical image rather than

you know selectable text um but it only

works in a couple of different

applications and it’s kind of spotty at

best when it like the ai detects that

it’s there

text sniper is in my opinion still a

better solution

and you invoke it by pressing shift

command 2 which if you’ve ever taken a

screenshot just pretty much the same way

you take a screenshot

you have the same tools that you have

when you take a screenshot which is


and if i want to copy jan’s japan’s

racing game or grandpa

i can select that but instead of taking

a screenshot

it copies that text to my clipboard and

  Macbook Air M1 After 6 Months

i can just paste it it’s really really

really great

there are other modifier keys you can do

for example so let’s say if i do

this command i’m not going to tell you

because it doesn’t matter the gasket no

atom can pass

now instead of you know retaining the

line breaks like it did the original

time you can just paste it in

you know one unformatted go it’s really


it’s so simple but really powerful the

optical character recognition is best in


oh you can also read qr codes and

barcodes i’ve done that before too

where like a stupid website will be like

here’s a qr code you’re like great i

don’t want to pull my phone out

don’t make me scan that just give me a

link problem solved tech sniper it’s


get it remember when we were talking

about front and center and i said that i

didn’t like mac os’s window management

well that’s true i think windows

actually does a much better job and

there have been apps that have come out

over the last several years many of them

that try and emulate basically windows


some of them are free some of them are

paid i use one called magnet it’s not


it is paid and i don’t really know that

it’s necessarily better than spectacle

which was a free one that’s not

discontinued or better touch tool and

better snap tool which are free and or


and are currently still up to date but

the thing i like about magnet

is i learned how to use it and i bought

it once in the mac app store for like

five years ago and it still works

amazingly so it works

basically like windows where you can

drag the window to the left or to the

right or the

the top and it will automatically resize


but the other thing that i like about it

is that there are a bunch of hotkeys

where you can resize the window to your

heart’s content

so i can make it narrow i can make it

really wide i can put it in the top half

i can put it in the left

there’s just a lot of options inside of


and again it’s super easy to do

it’s not like better touch tool and

better snap tool where you open the app

and you feel like you need to like read

nine pages on the github it’s it’s

stupidly easy to use and and that’s what

i like about

it it’s eight bucks it’s not free but

it’s it’s good if you don’t want it i

don’t care

it’s up yours man uh but if you do want


cool i also don’t care it’s just i’m

just telling you that i like it okay get

off my back magnet

have you ever tried to email a pdf and

you’re like why is this thing like 20

megabytes i don’t think it’s going to

send i think email’s going to break

it should be smaller yeah you need pdf


this thing is great let me take an

example here this is a textbook that i

definitely paid for and did not download

off the internet

and it’s 122 megabytes which as you can

probably tell is pretty large

i’m not even going to go maximum

compression over here okay i’m just

going to do medium

and watch this shiz it’s going to tell

you how many pages there is how many

images it’s identified

how many annotations there are the

minimum image resolution 103 dpi come on

and maximum image resolution and then it

basically just

smashes that down as best it can okay so

it reduced it by 57

if i did strong compression and you get

very very very

minimal image loss it is existent

but it’s so little you’re really not

going to tell a difference on basically

anything other than like really high

resolution photos

um so yeah pretty much mcgraw-hill

i don’t know what you’re doing other

than like selling students the same book

year over year but you could make your

155 megabyte

textbook 21.4 it’s great

get it not the textbook pdf squeezer

smart home i have one i love it but

the home app on the mac is i don’t know

why but it is like one of the worst apps

ever made it’s it’s legitimately


and so there’s this 10 app that’s a

little expensive for what it does but i

think it’s really great it’s called home


and basically what it does is well it

allows you to control all of the smart


in your home without having to open the

home app you just do it right from the

menu bar and it’s really handy

you can change your heat your

temperature you know your your window


your whatever you want you can see your

sensor data

it’s really handy it’s really great i’m

going to vacuum uh the house right now

if you’ve ever wasted 50 gigabytes of

data by clicking through to the verges

home page

you know that ads they kind of suck

right because

they have auto playing video a lot of

times there’s sound

they move your content around and so

it’s just hard to like see where you’re


ads suck and they’ve ruined the web but

at the same time

it makes me feel bad to use an ad

blocker because like you know

dieter writes good articles and he

should be able to have food

and clearly when i’m doing this i’m

taking that opportunity away from them

there’s a solution and i also think that

this prevents dieter from getting food

but like the verge has allowed for this

and so i don’t feel bad at all

it’s called an rss reader and rss

readers have been around forever

but they’re finally getting more

mass-market appeal and they’re not just

for nerds anymore

basically what it does is it’s an

aggregated news feed

and so you can select you know you can

create your own folders from your own

news sources

and most websites that run on blogging

engines like wordpress or

you know drupal or whatever you plug the

website in and it will say hey do you

want all articles from the verge or just

reviews or just

articles from the science section or

whatever and you can curate your own

news feed

news articles come in when they’re

posted you can read the article

without any ads without any distractions

there’s consistent text across the

entire app from website to website

it’s it’s very very quick if you do want

to open the website well

you can and you can view the full

article there

but it’s really great and all of these

websites allow for this like

they create rss feeds they this is

allowed it’s it’s not bad you can do


without feeling morally bankrupt uh even

though i’m still not technically looking

at the verge’s ad

sorry dieter bartender is simple but


the mac os menu bar is ugly as crap and

there are like

there’s no consistency in design like

what the heck is this synology it’s

ginormous and like very ugly i don’t

like it and

when you have a lot of applets they just

get really crowded up here bartender

allows you to streamline stuff

down so there’s kind of three levels

that you can organize stuff in

if you hold down the options key it

allows you to configure them so you can

have certain apps that are always

outside of bartender they’re always

visible then you have the ones that are

hidden inside of this menu when you

click it

and then you have certain apps that are

always hidden sorry creative cloud i

never want to see you get out of my site

a lot of these apps you literally can’t

make them go away and so bartender is a

way to make them hide

when they refuse to hide on their own

and the end result is we’ll check it out

i have this app now outside of bartender

these apps are inside bartender and then

on the rare occasion that i need to get

access to stupid creative cloud

i can just click through it here it’s

really great bartender

it’s kind of expensive but it’s worth it

password managers

they’re a thing we’ve been telling you

for years to get a freaking password


why do you still not have one no you

probably do most people do nowadays

but i use one password and there is a

reason why i use it

i’ve used lastpass before i’ve used

dashlane before both of those services

have gotten really poopy

and one of the things i really

appreciate about 1password is

agile bits the developer they don’t seem

to be chasing vc money or like

rapid expansion they’re just happy

making a good app

now there are other options out there

that are less money bit warden is

relatively new and really popular it’s

open source

it’s crazy cheap or free if you kind of

self-host and have some limitations

one password is legitimately expensive

by comparison

but there’s a reason i still pay for it

and it’s beyond the app looking really

pretty which it does

  Switching from Windows to Mac

and bill warden looks like butt on the

mac sorry it’s the truth um

a couple things number one the emergency

kit is provided which

basically gives a kind of legacy

protection so if you die

no one wants to die but everyone’s gonna

die if i die

inside of my safe that my wife can

access there’s a bunch of

information and details on how she can

get access to my 1password account

how to get in touch with one password

for assistance etc etc it’s it’s really

handy for kind of

legacy purposes number two family

sharing again

my wife and i we share a lot of logins

and her asking me hey what’s the

netflix password again it gets tiring

and you don’t want to have to you know

shoot you know text the password and

whatever we just have stuff that we’re

gonna both need in the same vault


i update the password it updates in her

app that’s really

handy next this is a big one there’s one

password integration

so excuse me alfred integration so i can

type one p

ltt this is going to navigate to linus

tech tips automatically log me in

and it does two-factor authentication

i mean come on man and then the last

thing that i really really appreciate

it’s got privacy.com integration um

if you they’ve been a past sponsor but i

legitimate they’re not anymore they

don’t give me money

so up them uh that doesn’t it’s not an

insult doesn’t make sense

but yeah up them privacy but i still use

their service basically it generates

churnable credit cards that you can use

to sign up for services that you don’t

actually want to pay for and you don’t

want to have to worry about canceling a

free trial

when you’re ordering stuff kind of you

know from sketchy websites

like it’s great to just be able to

generate a one-time use or a limited

credit card number

and one password allows you to generate

privacy cards

inside of the app and inside of the

browser which is really handy

and then you can store just freaking

like everything social security numbers

bank accounts medical records it’s

really great for just having

everything important without having to

be like oh yeah you know my text

documents are here and whatever you can

store files

um it’s it’s great one password is

awesome and

if you are even remotely interested in

password manager

which you should be because again we’ve

been telling you for years i think one

password’s the one to get

i hate calendars and i hate planning

and i’ve never liked it but i need to be

an adult

and be better so i’ve been using

fantastic health for the last uh six

months to a year

and i really like it it’s made me hate


less don’t get me wrong i still hate

them but less

um this is an odd like unquestionably

expensive app

um and there’s a lot of people that are

super pissed because they used to be

you know version based and now they’re

subscription based like pretty much


um so if you can’t stomach the price i

can totally understand that and

for my uses i’m probably not even

remotely using part

if not most of the value that this app

offers it offers like scheduling and you

can attach

files and a bunch of crazy stuff to

calendar events that a lot of other apps

can’t do

but i like it for a couple reasons it

has this ticker view which is really

handy for me to not only see the weather

which is handy

but also see apps in kind of a to-do


type style rather than a more

traditional calendar style

if you are one of those people that has

like tons of stuff um their week and day

views have been very very popular for

people i don’t have meetings i don’t

have like big adult things to do

my calendar events are like mostly one

thing a day but it’s really great it

uses natural language i did that demo


if you didn’t see that go back and watch

it it’s just

it’s a cool app and i really like it and

i know that you know

basically most people will laugh and say

bye you’re dumb because

you don’t do calendars well is this

video over yet

don’t look at my notes man as you might

have surmised from my previous

fantastical section i’m not very

organized i’ve never been organized

and it’s just not really how my brain


there are a lot of people that are crazy

organized and

waste excuse me invest a lot of time

spending all of their day planning out

what they want to do

i’m not mocking those people it really

does work for them it just doesn’t work

for me

there are apps like rome research and

obsidian that are like these massive

conglomerative databases

where you can organize data if you’ve

ever looked at notion and been like yeah

that’s overwhelming

it’s like notion times 50. okay notion

is easy

this is actually pretty close to notion

um i

used to use a writing app called ulysses

and that’s where i would write all my

scripts and i liked ulysses because it

was a good writing app

but it was a bad everything else app

craft is well i’m kind of using it as a

writing app but i’m also using it as a

notes app

and mind mapping app so let me explain

to you i came in here i made this video

i’ve tested out some little thoughts and

ideas and then i just kind of splurted

it out

all in the paper right then when i

actually wanted to make an

organized list that i could work through

to actually explain this video to you

i made this what’s cool about all of

this is that this is completely


from a like from a database level and i

can even go into further detail so let’s

say like

tinker tool because i’m working on a big

project so tinker tool i want to go

specifically under tinker tool and say

i love tinker tool because blah blah

that’s all

associated with this parent note but

it’s also

searchable from the entire database so

if i search love

there you go it shows all of the areas

where love

shows up inside of my database so

there we go tinker tool free it sorts by


you can add a bunch of very pretty


so you can like look at this i’m going

to put this

in a focus block and then we’re going to

make it you know green and isn’t that


it’s really really really good for note

taking and organization

i wish i had this in college and i’m

actually using it

to put together research for specific

videos i used to just throw urls into a

text document

i would lose them i would not pay

attention and now it’s really good

because i can extract specific stuff i

want from safari

like a a quote like a line and then i

run a hotkey and it makes a new note and

it links it to the parent note

it’s a really powerful app and i’m

barely scraping the surface i still

don’t really know what i’m doing

and i’m certainly not using it to its

entire capabilities but it’s very very


another feature that i really like in

theory i haven’t really used it but i

know a lot of people that do

they create daily notes and this is cool

because well you can just

i am going to use this to brain dump so

when i plan in the morning i kind of

just need to let my brain run for a


and i’m going to just type out like all

of the things that are on my mind and

then once i’ve typed out a big huge

blurb of crap

i’m gonna say okay what if this is

actually actionable what can i do today

and then i’m gonna try and actually do

that stuff in a more organized to-do


but what i know a lot of people do is

legitimately make like calendar events

so they’ll say like oh

um on july 17th

uh i don’t remember how to do this date


so you say like tomorrow uh

i’m gonna go eat beans with jan

and then it’ll create a note in tomorrow

so when i go to tomorrow which is

tuesday the 13th

it’s going to say hey there’s a link to

this page and i can show it

and it’s from today and it’s gooey beans

with jan

so this thing is like almost like a

to-do list and a calendar app and

everything is it’s real powerful

but i’m mostly just using it as a way to

organize my research

and write videos if that’s at all

remotely interesting to you you should

definitely check it out it is crazy


i can’t even really lick the surface but

yeah it’s craft well folks if you

enjoyed this video please give it a like

if you didn’t i suppose that other

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get subscribed for more awesome videos

like this one but most importantly and

as always

stay snazzy see you later folks


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